This is how meanwhile and Thomas finds Wyldstyle goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

[In another universe]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Sci-Twi. Where is your birthday at?

Sci-Twi: 1st of July.

Sci-Ryan: Mine is on 6th of May, Twilight.

Sci-Twi: I know.

[Meanwhile, Thomas is puffing along when he rolls over something]

Matau T. Monkey: Did you hit something, Thomas?

[Thomas rolls backwards and sees a tiny leg of a LEGO figuren]

Matau T. Monkey: What did you see, Thomas?

Thomas: A leg of a LEGO figure.

Matau T. Monkey: I hope it's OK.[pulls a LEGO figure out of the ground] Oh look. I think it's a nice looking toy.

[Suddenly the figure moves]

LEGO Figure: Hi.

Matau T. Monkey: Whoa! It's alive!!

[Matau drops the figure and it reattaches it's leg]

LEGO Figure: Thanks for dropping by to run me over.

Thomas: I'm sorry. I didn't look where I was going.

LEGO Figure: It's ok, Thomas. And going by your monkey's experiences, I'll forgive you.

[Matau scratches his head and Thomas smiles]

Matau T. Monkey: Who are you, little toy?

Wlydstyle: My friend. I'm Wyldstyle and I'm not a DJ.

[Matau gasps]

Matau T. Monkey: Nice to meet you, Wyldstyle. I'm Matau T. Monkey. Leader of Matau and the Skylanders and apprentice of my master, Ryan F-Freeman. I like to refer to my friend as Master Ryan.

Wyldstyle: Nice to meet you, Matau.

[The two heroes smile]

Matau T. Monkey: Wyldstyle. This is my master's friend Thomas the Tank Engine. Also known as OpThomas Prime.

[Wyldstyle smiles]

Thomas: Wow! Ryan did the right thing refusing to tell Fracture about me.

Matau T. Monkey: Yup. And boy, was he angry?

Thomas: I know. So what brings you here, Wyldstyle?

Wyldstyle: Ok, Thomas. I was on my way to Cloud Cuckooland for a party but now I can't because some portal brought me here.

Matau T. Monkey: Maybe my friend Master Ryan can help. This Morro guy can't be trusted like a pony who tried to make everypony the same by replacing their cutie marks with equal signs.

[Thomas giggles]

Matau T. Monkey: I said "everypony" instead of "everybody". Didn't I?

[Thomas nods and then a portal to the Autobot Base opens up]

Thomas: Wow. Matau. Carry Wyldstyle to the portal please.

Matua T. Monkey: Yes, OpThomas Prime.

[Back in the Autobot Base]

Twilight Sparkle: Wow.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. Morro is so tight and yet... I didn't trust him or his ghost friends.

[Ryan shrugs]

Evil Ryan: If Makuta is with Morro, he'll be exterminated.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. But Morro is reformed somehow. I can't forget what Sunset and Cody did at the Fall Formal.

Sci-Ryan: If Ivy is at Cloud Cuckooland, she can help you. Mal never forgive my friend Flain for what he did.

Bertram T. Monkey: If only Cliffjumper was here. I recovered what remain of him.

Sci-Ryan: I could build a new body for him. I hate Makuta. It can't be for no reason. I don't trust Morro.

Evil Ryan: You don't trust Morro? [scoffs] Fluttershy must think that we're in a different dimension where everything is opposite. [snap] "How do you do? I'm Opposite Evil Ryan, and I think Sci-Ryan can trust Morro on this adventure. I'm sure I had fun with them."

Opposite Fluttershy: Well, guess what, techno-organic siren?! I'm Opposite Fluttershy, and I'm sick of being nice and quiet all the time!

[Evil Ryan snaps his fingers and the scene went to normal]

Ryan F-Freeman: What was that?

Evil Ryan: Something Discord taught me after he did the same to you, Ryan.

[Ryan smiles and looks at a LEGO minifigure]

Ryan F-Freeman: [picks it up] Look guys. It's a little LEGO toy.

Discord: That's nice, Ryan. [changes into his Princess Odette outfit] I think that toy is fine like Sci-Ryan's friendship with Odette. Don't you think? Far longer than forever~

Wyldstyle: That's some nice singing.

Ryan F-Freeman: [screams and drops Wyldstyle] It's... alive. And talking.

Sci-Ryan: You think so? You know who that is?

Ryan F-Freeman: Wyldstyle?

Wyldstyle: Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: You know him? [to Sci-Twi] I think I can trust Morro and Gaia Everfree on this one.

[Sci-Twi nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wyldstyle. I'm so happy you are here and say. You look a bit smaller then the last time we met.

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