They saw a World of Jungle

Whisper: A Jungle? Hey, maybe our friends might be there, whis.

Jibanyan: That world? No way, nyan.

Shoutmon: Me too!

Gumdramon: Wait! We can't leave, maybe our friends might be there.

Shoutmon: I know, but not that Planet.

Usapyon: We are gonna land, Dani!

Jibanyan: No, nyan!

Gumdramon: Come on, your Majesty!

Shoutmon: Not my problem!

USApyon: We are landing! Dani!

He is driving the Plane with Gumdramon

Jibanyan: What are you doing?! Don't!

Komasan and Komajiro: Monge!

Then the Plane is out of Control. USApyon and Gumdramon has landed on a Jungle

USApyon: Ouch, that hurt, Dani.

Gumdramon: Me too. I think I hurt my head. Jibanyan? Whisper? Komasan? Komajiro? Damemon? Shoutmon?

Then they heard a noise behind them and it was a Pirate, they have been attacked and then Diddy Kong saved them. And the Pirate left

Minutes Later

Diddy: You have watch out, Captain Scurvy is out there.

USApyon: Okay, thank you, Dani.

Diddy: No Problem.

Gumdramon: So... Where are we?

Diddy Kong: You're in Konga Bonga Island.

Gumdramon: Look... I was searching for my friends. Have you seen them?

Diddy: Who?

Gumdramon: My Friends who was with me.

Diddy: You're Friends?

Gumdramon: Yes! My friends, there's two of them, the Loudmouth Dragon is...

He Remember that he had a fight with him

Diddy: Is something wrong?

Gumdramon: You know, what.... Forget what I said, I was looking for my friends Tagiru and Psychemon.

Diddy: So they are you're friends?

Gumdramon: Yep.

He saw Tagiru behind Diddy Kong

Diddy: Maybe, cranky will know where they are.

USApyon: Cranky?

Gumdramon saw Tagiru disappeared

Diddy: He will know where they are.

Gumdramon: Really?

Diddy: Friends. Heart.

Gumdramon: What?

Diddy: Friends. Heart. Here.

Gumdramon: I don't get it for what you said, so tell me. Take us to you're town.

Diddy: I will. I'm Diddy Kong, I live here from this island.

USApyon: I'm USApyon, Dani.

Gumdramon: And I'm Gumdramon. If you have a home, let's go see one.


Shoutmon and his friends are in a Jungle Somewhere

Komasan: Ow... Where are we, Zura?

Whisper: I hope USApyon and Gumdramon are here?

Shoutmon: Aw! Who cares about him!?

Jibanyan: He's right! We should anywhere without him.

Then he saw A Ghost and they scream, then they heard a noise far away, and then they saw a Gear lying down. Someone is coming to them and it was Funky Kong

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