They came out of the Portal and they became a Robot then they saw Jenny and Sister running

Jenny: Come on, You two!

Tuck: Jenny! Girls! Please, wait up!

Brad: Don't leave us behind!

Then he look a Daffy who look annoyed

Brad: (Scream)

Jenny: Oh. You guys, They don't look like them. Right, Girls?

XJ-3: I don't know. There's some familiar about them.

Ace: Umm... Haha... what do you mean?

Jenny: You seem kinda different, where are you from?

Ace: We're from far away. And we don't know how to fly like a Robot.

Jenny: Hmm. I see. In that case, maybe Brad can help you for this Situation.

Brad: What! Jenny! You're mother would not like this.

Jenny: Oh, don't worry. It won't take too long.

Brad: Okay. Now, the only way to fly like a Robot is to do some training. Now, Catch XJ-3.

He is doing some training and he succeed

Brad: Great job! Now let's move on a Self Defence.

Tuck: Brad!

Brad: Huh?

Jenny: Their Here!

They saw some Heartless coming and they are hiding from them except our Heroes

Brad: Class is over! Good luck!

They are fighting the Heartless and they defeated them and then Jenny and her friends has comes out

Jenny: Thank you for saving us. Those creature has show's up.

Tuck: And you guys defeated them! Cool!

Brad: We have to get back home. You know you're mother is worried about you.

Jenny: He's right. We have to go back. Just follow the Sign that takes us back home.

Ace: Okay.

They went off to their hometown

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