The Villages has been burn down by a Hunter


3 persons are watching it

?????: See that you guys? That's Janga, The Hunter of Nightmare. Come on, you guys. We have to do this! I can't see it now, us! Klonoa, Popka and Lola!  We have to do this right now! So we can be famous!

Klonoa: Popka. I don't think we could. I came back to Lunatea to help you guys to join the army to save the Kingdom. So we have to make sure that we won't blow our cover.

Popka: Whatever, Klonoa. You just Scared to join them?

Lola: Aren't you?

Popka: Okay, maybe a little.


Shoutmon and his friends are walking around the field and they saw 3 Shadows

Gumdramon: A Heartless?

USApyon: Let's get a jump on them, Dani.

Komasan: Guys! Should we look before we jump, Zura!

All: (Scream)

It make Klonoa and his friends Jump

Damemon: Is that Popka?

Popka: That's right. I know you heard from me! I'm the one who was those guys! Now leave us alone before we start to fight you all!

Damemon: Hey Popka! We missed you!

Popka: Well, you better HOPE I miss YOU, or else- (Gasp) Shoutmon! Gumdramon! Damemon! Jibanyan! USApyon! Whisper! Komasan! Komajiro!

Lola: You know them?

Popka: Of course I know them. Boy, we used to kick all kinds of bad guys butt together! And I help you to fight those guys off. Cause I'm the mightest Hero.

Shoutmon: Something like that? And you are?

Klonoa: I'm... Klonoa. This is Lola... I mean... Lily.

Jibanyan: And what are you, nyan?

Klonoa: I'm the Dream- I mean... Dream Hero.

Komasan: We didn't know that we were borrowing somebody as important as a Dream Hero.

Popka: Yes, that's right... And that puts you eight up I your eyeballs in debt to my Dream Hero here. What do you say? It's payback time!

Lola: Popka.

Popka: That's okay. They know. See, My friends was just in their way to join the Group. We gotta find the other recruits over at the training camp.  

Lola: Can you join us? It'll be easier to fit in. If we're with Solider like them.

Shoutmon: Why?

Klonoa: Oh,um... dont- don't worry about it.

Komasan: You're pretending to be a Dream Traveller, aren't you? Because you came from another world, aren't you?

All: (Gasp)

Gumdramon: You're from another world?!

Klonoa: You notice?

Shoutmon: Yeah.

Klonoa: Looks like it working

Popka: I don't know- those three would fall for anything.

Shoutmon: We're right here!

They went to the Camp and they line up

????: I really need some food.

Shoutmon: Hey! You can't  cutting in line! 

He Punch Ace 

Gumdramon: Okay, that's it!

They are fighting alot

????: Hey, a space in line!

????: I wonder what they're serving for lunch today!

????: Knuckles Sandwich!

They began to fight

Klonoa: Stop!

They stop

???: You again?

????: It's Klonoa and his friends.

Klonoa: Leorina, Chippo, Joka, Tat, you better stop it.

Joka: Why not?

Shoutmon: You punch in the face!

USApyon: And cutting in line!

Tat: What a Chicken.

Popka: Why are calling me a Chicken! I'm a great hero in Training.

Lola: Can you all line up now?

Shoutmon: How come? I almost had him.

Chippo: Want some more?

????: Guys! Get back in line!

All: Him!

They line up and then Heartless Appeared

Klonoa: Who are they?

Shoutmon: Heartless!

Leorina: Oh Yeah!

They left

Damemon: Klonoa! You know what to do?

They are fighting the Heartless and they defeated them

???: You eight. What are you names?

Shoutmon: I'm Shoutmon. This is Gumdramon, Damemon, Jibanyan, USApyon, Whisper, Komasan and Komajiro.

????: You all welcome in my group. Your battle skills are encouraging.

Klonoa: What about-

????: You three need to go home.

Klonoa: But... we will fail to save the Kingdom!

????: You'd all rather fail my team.

Popka: Don't make us-!

He cover his mouth

Shoutmon: If Klonoa and his friends trains hard and does their best, they'll get stronger in no time.

????: Hmm...

Gumdramon: Just give them a Assignment! We'll show you how well we can work together.

????: So... you want to be tested? Our orders is to defeat Mango army on their way here. They should be coming through the mountain pass.

Jibanyan: We'll smash them, nyan!

Gumdramon: Yeah!

????: I doubt that. You eleven will be the advance party. Scout out the mountain from my team.

Shoutmon: That's it? No problem. Right?

Lola: R-right.

?????: I'll brief you on the details later. Return when you're ready to depart. Remember, the smallest mission may have the greatest purpose. Stay alert!

All: Okay!

They are doing some mission and they finish them

????:  You've done a passable job. But stay alert! This is just the beginning.

After the Mission

????: Hmm, not bad. Now brace yourself for the rest of your assignment.

After another mission

????: Yes, that's exactly what need from you. Now, you still have some tasks do. Stay alert! You did well.

Shoutmon: I know it!

Klonoa: Guntz....

Guntz: I suppose you've made a little progress..

Popka: Not a little- a lot!

Lola: No. You're right. Guntz. Please give me one more assignment. This time we'll show you what we're truly made of!

Guntz: I'll give you all one more chance. See me when you're ready to depart. Remember, this may be a test, but it's still an important mission. Be alert!

All: Okay!

They went to the Mountain Pass and they Fighting the Heartless 

Joka: Hey, you ain't half bad.

Tat: A Hero among Hero.

Popka: No Problem!

Lola: But Guntz...

Gumdramon: Guntz!

Guntz arrived

Komasan: Klonoa and his Friends did great, Zura!

USApyon: You bet they did, Dani!

Guntz: Hmm... okay. I'll let you all join my team. But I'm still not convinced you have what it takes to become part of the Team

Shoutmon: Why not!?

Lola: It's okay, Shoutmon. We'll find a way to show him what we made of. Just give us a chance.

Guntz: That's a Spirit, Lily.

All: Okay!

They went to the Mountain 

Leorina: Good going, you guys

Popka: No problem!

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