They are saluting

Daffy: Queen Lola! We have return!

Lola: You're here!

Wile: You're Royal Highness, did you happen to summon us?

Lola: Of course.

Ace: Where's my Grandpa?

Lola: You look kinda Familiar?

Daffy: Lola. This is Ace, Bug's Grandson.

Lexi: Oh! You must be his Grandson! Nice to meet you.

Ace: You must be my Friends Grandmother.

Lola: Who?

Ace: Lexi. She's your Granddaughter.

Lola: Oh. I see. Bugs told me all about about you and his friends from his letter. He said you're a very brave young bunny.

Ace: So did you know where he is?

Lola: Unfortunately, No.

Daffy: Your Majesty, what are Heartless doing in your Castle?

Lola: Oh No... So those are the Heartless.

Ace: That's okay. We'll take care of them!

Lola: I know I can count of you, Ace. Now, there's something I'd like all of you to come an see. Would you please escort me to the audience chamber?

All: Yes!

Lola: (Gasp) Oh No! I forgot to warn everyone else in the Castle about the danger! We have to be sure they're hidden somewhere safe.

Ace: Don't worry! We'll go tell them?

Daffy: The Whole Castle?

Wile: We just need to split up, Daffy. Even you Taz.

Ace: I'll make sure that everyone knows what's going on.

Daffy: No, Ace, you'll just get lost!

Ace: Alright. Then I'll stay here with Lola.

Daffy: Great!

Wile: Okay, we'll see you later!

They left

Ace: Um, the Audience chamber, right, Lola?

Lola: Yes, Ace. Let's be on our way.

They went off to Audience Chamber

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