They saw the world of Star War

Wile: Daffy. I think our friend, bugs is here in that world.

Daffy: Inside the Cave? No way.

Ace: Wait! Maybe my team is here too.

Daffy: We're not going to that world!

Ace: We're going to that world!

Daffy: No!

Ace: Come on!

Daffy: Not gonna happened!

Ace: We are landing!

He is driving the Train

Daffy: What are you doing?! No!

They lose control of the Train and they are falling

Ace: (Scream)

He is falling to the Jungle

Ace: Ow. My head. Daffy? Wile? Taz?

Then he has been attacked by a Bounty Hunter and then Luke Skywalker saved him and the Bounty Hunter left

Luke: Boba Fett is trying to kill you.

Ace: Um. Thank you.

Luke: You're welcome.

Ace: So... what is this place?

Luke: You're in Yavin 4.

Ace: Okay, Look I was looking for my friends have you seen them?

Luke: Who?

Ace: My Teams.

Luke: You're Teams?

Ace: Right! My Team's! There's 3 of them. A Despicable Duck named Daffy...

He forgot he had a fight from him

Luke: What's wrong.

Ace: You know what. Never mind. I was looking for teams, Duck, Lexi, Tech, Rev and Slam.

Luke: So they are you're teams right?

Ace: Yeah.

He saw Lexi

Luke: Maybe, Leia will know where they are.

Ace: Leia? Um...

He saw her left

Luke: Are you Okay?

Ace: I'm fine.

Luke: Okay, you better come with me?

Ace: Why?

Luke: Cause I'm taking you to the Rebel Base. It's safe there.

Ace: Okay, I'll go with you. So do you know where my friends is?

Luke: Sure. I'm Luke Skywalker. And the Force is with you Always.

Ace: And I'm Ace the Bunny. If I have the Force, so do you.


Wile: Boy, where are we? I'm sure hope Ace is Okay?

Daffy: Aww! Who needs him we can find Bugs without him

Then he saw R2-D2

Both: (Scream)

They all heard a noise behind them and they saw a Gear that R2-D2 drop. And behind them it was Han Solo and Chewbacca

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