Gumdramon got sucked into and he's in the Mushroom Kingdom and he saw Mario

Gumdramon: Hey, what are you doing?

Mario: Nothing, I'm just wonder.

Gumdramon: Oh.

Mario: I was just wondering of how did everyone didn't say goodbye to mario.

Gumdramon: Mario?

Mario: Yes?

Gumdramon: Wait, you're Mario?

Mario: Yes, I'm Mario Mario. but you can call me, Mario. What's you're name?

Gumdramon: Gumdramon.

Mario: I see, so Gumdramon. Are you gonna leave me now?

Gumdramon: Leave you? No, why would I do that, I just met you.

Mario: Because, everyone is gone.

Gumdramon: What do you mean "gone"?

Mario: Well, we all live here in the Mushroom Kingdom. And we have some adventures, even going to the festival from Princess Peach... And every day, I eat spaghetti. Just thinking about food, makes me so hungry right now. But now everyone is gone. All my friends, even my brother Luigi too. Everyone must've gone away since I left the Mushroom Kingdom, I think... So, who knows? Maybe I shall end up going away somewhere as well. I wonder, how do I say goodbye to myself?

He went off to his house

Mario: Oh no, I'm out of Spaghetti now. Maybe, I could find some around the Mushroom Kingdom.

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