This is where our heroes meet Sailor John and Spud the Scarecrow in The Beginning of the Chronicles II.

[Thomas is chuffing along the track]

Percy: I hope we won't have a lot of mail to deliver.

Thomas: Likewise, I don't wanna spend Chirstmas working.

SpongeBob: What we do need is a good tree.

Blackie: A very giant one.

[then a rustling is heard]

Patrick: What was that?

[the rustling is heard again]

[They move quietly]

Penny Ling: Anyone there?

[then a scrarecrow pops out]

Scarecrow: [blows raspberry]

Sunil Nevla: WAAHH!!! [hies in Pepper's tail]

Scarecrow: [laughing] What a laugh!

Rarity: Goodness! What's the big idea scaring us like that?!

Scarecrow: What? It's only fun!

Applejack: And who are you anyway?

Pepper Clark; Wait a minute. I know you.

[the Scarecrow steps out]

Scarecrow: Pepper?

Pepper Clark; Spud?

Scarecrow: Pepper! 

Pepper Clark: Spud, it really is you!

Spud: Nice to see you again!

Pinkie: Pepper? You know this talking scarecrow?

Pepper Clark: Yeah. I met him when I was a younger skunk..


[We see young skunks]

Pepper Clark: Hey, what about me?

Young skunk #1: Get lost, Pepper!

Young Skunk #2: Yeah, you smell bad!

Young skunk #3: And no one likes your cheap jokes!

Pepper Clark: My jokes are not cheap!

Young Skunk #2: Says you! None of them make us laugh!

Young Slkunk #1: Why don't you just get lost?!

Pepper Clark: [tearing up, runs off]

[Pepper is now in a feild weeping]

Pepper Clark: Why do they have to treat me like I'm nothing? [cries]

[as she cries a scarecrow walking by notices her]

Spud: Hey, what's wrong little skunk?

Pepper Clark: Huh, who said that?

Spud: Me, over here.


Spud: It's alright, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Pepper Clark: Who are you?

Spud: I'm Spud. What's your name?

Pepper Clark: Pepper Clark.

Spud: You like fun?

Pepper Clark: Sure I do! I'm a comedian! [honks a clown horn she pulls out of nowhere]

Spud: [laughing] That's a funny one! Watch this! [does so cartwheels]

Pepper Clark: [laughing] Nice one!

[the 2 keep doing funny tricks as they both laugh about it]

Pepper's dad: Pepper!

Pepper Clark: Oh, that's my father. I've got to go now. I'll see you later.

Spud: Alright. It was nice meeting you.

Pepper Clark: Nice meet you too!

[flashback ends]

Minka Mark: Nice story.

Pepper Clark: Yeah, and me and Spud have been friends eversince.

Spud: Yeah. Good friends. [pets her back]

Thomas: Well, me and Percy have to head for the mail station now, we'll see you later. [puffs off]

Spongebob: Alright, see you later. Now, to the tree shop!

[they continue their way to the tree shop]

[with Thomas]

[Thomas is chuffing along]

[then he notices something on the tracks ahead]

Thomas: Huh?

[he squints his eyes to get a better look]

[Then to his surprise, there was a boat]

Thomas: A boat?

[he goes to take a closer look]

[Then it turns out to be a boat on train wheels]

Thomas: A railboat! [he then stops next to the boat for a closer look. Then, a light is shown on him]

Pirate: Ah, what have we here?

Thomas: A pirate!

Pirate: Whatcha doing spying on me?

Thomas: I wasn't spying on you, I was just heading to the Canterlot Mail Station when I saw you.

Pirate: Oh. I see.

Thomas: Who are you?

Pirate: My name's John. Sailor John!

Skiff: And I'm Skiff!

Thomas: I'm Thomas. What brings you in Canterlot?

Sailor John: Me and Skiff are gonna spead the Holidays here.

Thomas: Oh, exciting.

Sailor John: Unfortenately, the wind has stopped, and we can't get to the town square.

Thomas: Well, I don't have to work too soon, I could give you a boost.

Sailor John: Ah, thank you kindly. [hops in Skiff] Full speed ahead!

[Thomas does so]

[Thomas then pushes Skiff to the town square, but unknown to him, Blackie notices]

Blackie: Huh? What's a sailor and boat doing in Canterlot?

SpongeBob: What is it, Blackie?

Blackie: Call me crazy, but I thought I saw Thomas shunting a railboat with a sailor onboard.

SpongeBob: Whoa!

Blackie: You guys go ahead, I'll be back.

SpongeBob: Oh, okay.

[soon Thomas  reaches the twon square]

Sailor John: We'll take it from him, Thomas. Thanks for the push!

Thomas: You're welcome. Now, I've got work to do. [leaves]

Sailor John: See you later, Thomas.

Blackie: S'cuse me.

Sailor John: Huh? [notices Blackie] Oh good evening mister. Can I help you?

Blackie: No, just have one question for ya. What brings a sailor and his boat into a high class royal city like Canterlot?

Sailor John: Oh, we're just some tourists speading time in the fancy city of Canterlot for the holidays.

Blackie: [looks at John with a look of suspision] Okay. Just thought I'd ask.

Sailor John: Alirght. Mr...

Blackie: Name's Blackie.

Sailor John: Sailor John.

Skiff: And my name's Skiff!

Blackie: Nice to meet you both, I'd love to stay and chat, but I must help my friends find a Chirstmas Tree. I'll be off now. [walks away] (to hmself) I don't trust that guy, something tells me there is something bad about him.

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