This is how Meet Sonata Dusk and Sonata meets BB-10 goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Force Awakens.

[We then see something open up as we see a masked face]

[The person reaches into the the compartment she is looking in and pulls out a component]

[She looks around and slides down a rope]

[She lands and heads outside]

[She lowers her mask a bit and it is revealed to be Sonata]

[From an outer view, we see she is standing in front of an engine of a destroyed Star Destroyer]

[Sonata pulls out a water bottle and drinks the last of her water]

[The hits the side of her bottle just to make sure and sets it on her belt again]

[She then slides down a dune and loads up her vehicle and takes off]

[She arrives at Neeman Outpost and unloads her haul]

[We then see her cleaning off her find. She looks up and sees an older scavenger cleaning off her own find. Suddenly, a droid hit the side of her chair]