This is how Meet USApyon, Jibanyan and Friends/Escape from Gargaros goes in USApyon and Jibanyan in The Road to the Ancient Yokai.

[Keita, Whisper and Jibanyan are watching TV and they are going back to bed]

Keita: Time for me to go back to bed.

Whisper: Ok, Keita-kun. Good night.

Keita: Night. I have to do my History Class tomorrow about El Dorado.

Jibanyan: El Dorado? I have heard of that place.

Keita: You haven't heard, Jibanyan? Read this Book. It will let you know about El Dorado.

[He give him the Book and he went to his Room to Sleep and Jibanyan is reading and he went to sleep]

[In the Dream]

Song has played

Our glorious city Was build by the divinities by Gods Who saw fit to bestow The gift of a pardise Peaceful and harmonious upon Us mere mortals below

And made El Dorado The magnificent and golden One thousand years ago El Dorado, El Dorado, El Dorado

[In the Yokai World]

Nurarihyon: Today, we sail to conquer the new world. for yokai, for Glory, for gold!

[Every Yokai are cheering]

Yokai: Veva, Nurarihyon!

[They fired fireworks and it makes Inumaro and Nekokiyo scared]

Nurarihyon: Yikes! You two! Stay focus!

Both: Sorry!


USApyon: Seven!

Jibanyan: Alright!

Komasan: Yes!

Whisper: Alright!

Jibanyan: Tons of gold for you, hey!

Komasan: Tons of gold for you, hey!

All: Tons of gold for we, hey!

Yokai: Hey! One more roll!

USApyon: I don't think so... You broke, dani! You have nothing to bet with!

Yokai: Oh yeah? I have this.

He show him a map

USApyon: A map?

Jibanyan: A map!?

Yokai: A map of the wonders of the Yokai World.

Jibanyan: Wow! Let's have a look!

[They look at the Map and USApyon is leaving, but Fuyunyan stop USApyon]

Fuyunyan: USApyon!

USApyon: Excuse us. For one moment, please?

Jibanyan: Look at this, you guys. The Ancient Yokai World, the city of gold! This could be our destiny, our fate, nyan!

Komasan: Wow.

USApyon: Guys, if I believed in fate. I couldn't be playing with loaded dice, dani.

They give USApyon the Face, but he still refused

USApyon: Not with the face, dani. No, no, no, no. No! No! No! No!

[Then the Yokai grab the Map]

Yokai: I said! One more roll, my map against your cash.

[So USApyon has no choice but to accept it]

USApyon: Ok. Peewee. You're on, dani.

Komajiro: Let's begin!

Yokai: Not with those! This time we use my dice.

They realise that those dice he has are not Loaded Dice

Yokai: Got a problem with that?

USApyon: No, dani.

[He looks angry to Jibanyan]

USApyon: I'm going to kill you.

So they begin

USApyon: Come on, baby. I need that stupid map.

Whisper is playing the Spanish Guitar and Fuyunyan stop him

Fuyunyan: Enough!

Komajiro: Show me, Seven!

[He throw and it show a three and the second is spin and it stop and it was a four]

USApyon: Seven?

Whisper: Alright!

Fuyunyan: We won!

USApyon: There it is! Well, nice doing business with you, dani.

He drop his Loaded Dice and everyone notice

Yokai: I knew it!

USApyon grab them

Yokai: You're dice are loaded!

Whisper is playing the Spanish Guitar and Fuyunyan stop him for playing that

USApyon: What? Jibanyan, you, Komasan and Fuyunyan gave us Loaded Dice, dani?

Then a Guard appeared

USApyon: They gave us, Loaded Dice! Guards arrest them!

Jibanyan: You dare to impugn our honor, nyan? He, Komajiro and Whisper are the one's who cheating arrest them!

Komasan: My brother trick these Yokai's and took their money.

Komajiro: Oh, so I'm the thief?

Komasan: Yes, Zura.

Komajiro: Take a look in the Mirror, Zura.

Fuyunyan: You better give back their money, or we'll...

He, Jibanyan and Komasan bring out the sword

All: En garde!

USApyon: En garde, yourself. We will give you the honor of a quick and painless... Death!

[He just bring out a Dagger and throw it away]

USApyon: But not with that

[He finally bring out a sword even Whisper and Komajiro]

USApyon: Ha! I prefer to fight fairly, ha ha!

[They began to have a Fake Sword Fight]

USApyon: Wells any last word?

Jibanyan: We'll cut you into ribbons, fools!

USApyon: Such mediocrity. Let you sword do the talking, dani.

Jibanyan: I will. It will loquacious to a fault!

Whisper: Ha! Take that!

Komajiro: You're mincing, fencing, twit.

Komasan: Ah, you fight like my sister, zura!

Komajiro: I fought your sister, that's a compliment.

Fuyunyan: Braggart!

Whisper: Heathen!

Then USApyon got trip

USApyon: Not the face! Not the face! Dani!

Then Jibanyan got his sword

USApyon: Ladies and Gentlemen. We decided it's a draw!

Whisper: Thank you all for coming. It's been great to see you soon, whis.

Fuyunyan: Sayonara!

They left

Jibanyan: Congratulation, USApyon.

USApyon: No. That was good. Very.

Then they heard rumbling sound and they saw Gargaros

Fuyunyan: We should have kept those swords, I think-

USApyon: Y-Yeah Yeah, I've got a plan

Jibanyan: What is it?

USApyon: Uh, will-uh,  you... guys... pet him.

Fuyunyan: Yeah.

USApyon: And ... I'll ... RUN!!!

Jibanyan: Uh, well, Thanks a lot!

They are running away from and they saw angry mob

Yokai: There they are!

They ran away from them and they ran to the door

Komasan: Bye, thank you!

They are running away and they are going to jump the barrel full of water

Jibanyan: I bet we can make it.

[They saw Guards coming]

USApyon: Two Yen said we can't.

Fuyunyan: You're on!

They jump down and then Komasan made it first and he won

Komasan: I won, Zura!

They give two yen and they close the lid and they have been lift up

Jibanyan: What's happening here?

USApyon: We're all in the barrel, that's the extent of my knowledge, dani!

The Crew roll the Barrel and our Heroes push the cork to breath

USApyon: Alright, everyone. we got to move fast. On a count of three. We jump out and head to the docks.

Jibanyan: Okay, let's do it! On three.

All: One, two, three!

Then they can't get out because of the heavy chest that was on top of the Barrel

All: Three! Three! Three! Three! Three!

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