Zidane: What have you got here, Vivi?

Vivi: With this, we can get the ship's working.

He show him a Gear

Dagger: Are you telling me that this gear will work on my Ship?

Ace: It will. So... How did you get here, Vivi?

Zidane: Whoa! A Humanoid Animal?

Dagger: So Kuja's Ship has caught you too? My goodness.

Ace: Yeah. Look like it, Doc.

Zidane: I am Zidane and this is Dagger and we are Vivi's Friends. We went all over Alexandria and other places to find Kuja and after that we have been separated, thanks to him. We were searching for each other and we finally reunited.

Perry saw a mysterious Animal

Dagger: So we are building that Ship to help us leave this place. And even though we have a quite Adventure, Right, Vivi? Vivi?

He left to find the mysterious Animal

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