This is how Meeting Doki and friends goes in episode 1 of Ryan's and Sora's Digimon Frontier.

Takuya and Doki are running for their Destiny

Doki: C'mon, Takuya. We got to move.

Takuya: *huff huff* 

(Cell phone rings and Takuya and Doki looks down)

Doki: Phew. I think it's 5:40.

Takuya: 5:40! *huff huff*

Boy: Here it comes!

(Another cell phone rings)

Dad: Hello? Huh?

Boy: Dad! The ball!

Dad: Huh, sorry. The phone; that noise!

Takuya: I’ll get it! Kids these days...

(Takuya kicks the ball and a truck is coming up behind him and Doki)

Takuya: Huh??

(The truck comes right at him and starts to stop and turn to not collide with Takuya)

Man in Truck: Wha??

Takuya: Oh perfect. This is our destiny?!


Mom: Oh honey, you can’t be late tonight; it’s Shinya’s birthday.

Shinya: And tell dad I want something big. A forklift!

Takuya: [sigh]

Mom: Mind you manners, Shinya. And don’t even think about eating that cake, Takuya.

(Takuya tries to eat the cake)

Takuya: (sigh) 

Mom: I know that you’re busy.....

Takuya: Man, I’m bored. My whole life is boring.

Doki: Tell me about it.

(Takuya and Doki looks at their cell phone)

Takuya: Bored, boring.

(Mom is jabbering away at the telephone)

Takuya: Huh? Incoming message? How neat. Weird. Well, it’s bound to be better than being bored.

Doki: I could guess we could accept it.

(They presses yes on their cell)

Voice: Takuya Kanbara. Doki.

Takuya: Huh?

Voice: It’s time to decide your future, Takuya and Doki.

Takuya: Hey. (picks up the phone) Wait a minute. Who is this? What do you mean my future?

Voice: Your destiny is calling. Take the 5:45 outbound train.

Takuya: This is way better than being bored. Our destiny? That’s downright cool.

Doki: Ok. What time is it?

(Takuya looks a the clock and it says 5:37)

Takuya: Huh? Oh... (thinking) we'll never make it, but that’s never stopped me before.

Mom: (To the phone) Getting an ugly tie is not the Cuban Missile Crisis! And Takuya be careful out there! No playing in the street; it’s dangerous!

Takuya: Man, why do mom’s always have to be right?

Doki: Yeah.

(The truck screeches to a stop and Takuya and Doki jumps in order to not get hit)

Man in Truck: You okay?

Takuya: Yeah. I’m fine. Oh no. Hey buddy what time is it?

Man in Truck: Uh... it’s a couple before 5:45.

(Takuya gets up and starts running again)

Takuya: Oh. Why does this always happen to us?!

Doki: I don't know!

(Out in the city)

Takuya: Whoa! Excuse me! Uh!

(stops and looks at the clock)

Takuya: One minute!!! Ah great!

(later, buying a ticket, Takuya pulls at his pockets for money)

Takuya: I knew I should have asked for more allowance.

Doki: Maybe we could.

(bangs his head against the ticket machine and a ticket pops out)

Takuya: Huh? A ticket? Maybe this is destiny.

(running up stairs)

Takuya: Wait! Our destiny!

(on the train)

Takuya: I can’t... believe... We made it. *breath*

Doki: Yeah.

(sits on the floor)

(all cell phones ring and Takuya looks around)

Man: Whatever

(Takuya looks across the train and sees a boy in blue who pulls out a chone)

(boy looks at Takuya)

Takuya: Wha? Huh... uh (thinking) Wait a minute, did he get a message too? (speaking) Whaa??

Voice: Transfer to the 6 o’clock westbound train.

(Takuya and Doki sees a watch and it says 5:54)

Doki: What?

Takuya: Ahhhhhh!!! Come on! Gimme a break!! We're doing the best we can!

(train arrives)

Takuya: Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Doki: Please.

(train stops and he steps out)

Takuya: Now what?

(boy in blue walks out)

Takuya: Wha? Maybe he knows.

Doki: Let's follow him.

(Takuya and Doki follows the boy)

(runs through the gate and sees boy go into elevator)

(makes a flying jump into elevator and the door closes)

(elevator starts to go down)

Takuya: *moan* (looks up at blue boy) Hey. Did you get a message too?

(Boy closes phone and turns away)

Takuya: Ah. You could answer us at least.

Doki: C'mon.

(elevator picks up speed and goes past the lowest level)

Takuya: (looks out the window) Oh. My destiny’s really starting to bite.

Doki: Mine too.

(elevator lands and door opens)

Takuya: Man. I really got to stop landing on my head.

Doki: Ouch.

(both boys look out and see a lot of trains)

Takuya: whoa. So weird.

Voice: It’s up to you now. Which one will you choose?

(blue boy runs out of the elevator)

Takuya: Uh. Hey! Which one are you choosing? Geez, my phone talks more than that guy.

Doki: Mine too.

(bell rings and a little kid in an orange hat is pushed into a train and the door closes; a guy in blue and yellow is closed in and a girl in lavender is also closed in)

Takuya: Destiny sure involves a lot of running.

(Takuya runs and grabs a train and pulls himself up and looks a the blue boy on another train)

Takuya: Way to think, Takuya. Where ever you’re going, you’re gonna get there in a hurry.

Doki: Think, Doki.

(Takuya opens a door)

Takuya: Uh ... huh? No one. It’s like a ghost train in here. What if it is a ghost train!

Doki: We could run.

(starts running and opens another door)

Takuya: Ah. Huh?

Lavender girl: Huh.

Yellow and blue boy: Wha?

(both look at Takuya)

Takuya: Um. Are you here cuz of the phone thing? (points at his cell phone)

(girl nods)

Girl: With them here, there’s nine of us. I wonder if that means something special

Takuya: Something special? What? Why’d you guys get on this train? ... I mean was it ... the message?

Yellow and blue boy: Hey kid, this was the closest train to the elevator. Okay. Now look; just leave me alone.

Takuya: Geez. Sorry.

Yellow and blue boy: I’m just nervous.

Takuya: (directed at lavender girl) But there must have been some reason you picked this particular train.

Lavender girl: *giggle* Unlike him it was closest to the elevator. 

Yellow and blue boy: (to Takuya) Watch this. (To Lavender girl) Hey honey. You want some chocolate? (to Takuya) Move! *pushes Takuya out of the way* So my name’s JP. What’s yours?

Lavender girl: *smile* I’m Zoe; it’s nice to meet you.

Takuya: And I’m... I’m Takuya. Hi there.

(Doki saw his friends, Fico, Mundi, Otto, Anabella and Gabi)

Doki: Guys? Thank goodness, you're here.

Fico: Yup.

Orange Hat boy: I’m...

(The other kids turn)

Takuya: What?

Orange Hat boy: I’m Tommy, but I didn’t want to get on this train.

Takuya: What are you saying?

Tommy: *cry* Two kids... bullies... and they pushed me on the train and shut the door. *cry* Why are kids always picking on me?

Takuya: Uh...

JP: Geez. The kid’s like a faucet.

Otto: No kidding.

Zoe: Don’t worry Tommy. You’re safe now that you’re with us.

Train: *toot toot*

(The lights all go off and the kids are thrown to the floor as the train hits a bump)

(Takuya sees an image of a digimon on him and Doki sees an image on him in a Superhero suit)

Takuya: Huh?

(Takuya and Doki looks at the other kids and sees images of digimon and Superhero suit appear on them)

Takuya: Huh?

(He looks at his cell phone and it changes into a little device)

Takuya: What’s ... going on?

Voice: Welcome to the Digital World, Takuya and Doki. This is your D-Tector.

Takuya: Digital World? You’re kidding. What have I gotten myself into?

Doki: You mean?

Train: *toot toot*

Takuya: Did you guys get that message? (Tommy, JP and Zoe are all looking at their D-Tectors) [thinking] I’m guessing yes.

Train: *woo woo*

All: Ah!

Takuya: You could hear that on Mars. Man!

Zoe: (looking out the window) Are those ghosts?

Tommy: They look like it.

JP: Or marshmallows. They’d go great with chocolate.

Fico: I think so.

(One of the digimon puts its face in the window and Zoe and Gabi freaks out)

Zoe: Ah!!

Gabi: What the?

(The little digimon fly away)

Takuya: Probably ghosts of kids that came here before! Ohh! What have I gotten myself into, and what if there’s no way of getting back out!?

Doki: Oh.

Zoe: Geez. Calm down Takuya. We’re all in this together.

Mundi: Yeah

(Train reaches the station and you see the entire Digital World)

Zoe: I bet that’s the train station. I hope there aren’t anymore of those ghosts things there. Not that I was scared or anything.

JP: Yeah. I always scream in terror when I’m not afraid.

Otto: Me too.

Zoe: Boys.

(The kids look out and see a bunch of digimon)

Digimon: Human kids. Play with! Don’t burn them this time

(The Train dumps the kids out)

Trian: Hehehe. First step’s a doosie. Hehehe.

Tommy: Ow.

Takuya: Is it just me, or did that train just talk?

Doki: It's the second one.

Train: Hey. I’m not just any old train. I’m Trailmon. And I’m alive, thank you very much. Though I am more handsome than you scrunched up little pugs. Anywho, this here is Flame Terminal. You’re in the heart of a digimon village.

Takuya: Digimon village?

Digimon: We are pals...

Tommy: (starts crying) I didn’t even wanna be on this train. Wah!!!

Fico: Don't cry. It is ok.

Trailmon: Sorry you feel bad kiddo, but I can’t stick around. If you wanna go home you’ll have to find a Spirit or something.

JP: This kid should get a job as a fire alarm.

Otto: Spirit?

Zoe: And what’s a Spirit and where do we get one? (Trailmon leaves) Hello?

JP: Hey, where you goin’? Give us an answer. Hey!

(All the while, Tommy and Fico crying)

Trailmon: Hey yourself! I gotta schedule to keep!

All: Oh...

(All stand up)

Takuya: Guess that’s it. We’re all alone.

Doki: Yeah.

JP: Wait! Come back here!

Otto: Come Back!

Gabi: Please?

Zoe: Yea, pretty please.

Tommy: (crying) Take me home!! 

Fico: Me too!

All: Huh?

(Tommy and Fico runs onto the train tracks and Takuya follows)

Tommy: *cry*

Takuya: Tommy, wait stop!

Doki: Yeah.

JP: Why do I get the feeling we’re gonna spend most of our time rescuing the baby.

Otto: Plus, you think we did some adventures at home?

(Tommy and Fico starts walking on the tracks, trying to get home)

Takuya: (stops where there isn’t anymore ground) Tommy!

Doki: Fico! Come back!

Tommy: Go away! *cry*

Takuya: This isn’t helping; you’re gonna fall!

Doki: Come back right now!

Tommy: At least we won’t be here anymore.

Takuya: I... I’ll take you home. Uhh... That’s right. Trailmon said that if we find the Spirit, we can go home. Right?

Doki: So please, come back.

Tommy: Right. Okay, I’m coming back. (tries to turn around, but loses balance)

Takuya: Tommy!!

Fico: Help us!

(Tommy and Fico is holding onto the tracks)

Takuya: oh... Don’t move; I’m coming to get you.

(Takuya starts heading toward Tommy)

(Before he starts a green light comes out of nowhere)

Takuya: *looks at light*

(two digimon run out of the light which was a fire that burned a city)

1st digimon: Look what you’ve gotten me into.

2nd digimon: Help, help, help, hellllp!

(both jump on Takuya)

1st digimon: It’s a human.

(looks at Takuya with magnifying glass)

2nd digimon: You think everything’s a human.

1st digimon: Don’t start with me, you.

Takuya: I’m human, now would you mind getting off of me now?

Doki: And I'm a dog. Man's best friend.

1st digimon: I’m so sorry. His fault.

2nd digimon: Yea, my fault. Hey!


(All look toward green fire)

(A shadow appears in the fire)

Takuya: What is that?

(Digimon Analyzer)

1st digimon: That is one bad dog. Bad Dog. Cerberumon. Special attack, Emerald Blaze. And that’s why we need your help.

(End D.A.)

Cerberumon: Where is the ancient Spirit?

1st digimon: So whenever you’re ready, go and get him!

2nd digimon: Now would be good.

Cerberumon: I can sense the Spirit’s presence all over this town. I must destroy it!

Takuya: No way! It’s mine! I... uhh...

Doki: Are you?

Digimon: *nervous laugh*

Cerberumon: Then you will be destroyed with it! Emerald Blaze!

(Pagumon hide)

(The blaze is surrounding Takuya, Doki and digimon)

1st digimon: What are your crazy?! Run already!

Takuya: Yea, but where are we supposed to go?

2nd digimon: Anywhere but here!! Whoa...

(Takuya jumps over the blast and onto the rail and runs over to Tommy)

1st digimon: That mutt is going to eat up the whole bridge.

Takuya: Oh great!

2nd digimon: There go the train tracks.

(Takuya starts slipping down)

JP: Takuya!

Otto: Doki!

Zoe: Oh no!

Gabi: They're in trouble!

(The five people/digimon fall onto ground below tracks and Takuya and Doki's D-Tector falls out)

(D-Tector starts beeping)

Takuya: *looks up* Hey my D-Tector.

Doki: What it's pointing?

(D-Tector points to a big bonfire thingy)

Takuya: No way.

(Bonfire thingy becomes a pillar of light)

All: Ahh...

Takuya: What is...

1st digimon: It’s the Spirit.

(The Spirit is revealed in the pillar of light)

1st digimon: The Spirit of Flame. And the Suit of Destiny

Takuya: The Spirit? That wasn’t so hard. Time to go home! ....But how am I supposed to get it, and what do I do with it when I do.

Cerberumon: No need to worry about that, for it will soon be destroyed!

All: Huh?

(Cerberumon starts running toward the group)

(Takuya and Doki grabs a metal pole)

Takuya: This sure ranks pretty high on a scale of one to stupid!

Doki: I think I give this an

(Cerberumon rips the pole from Takuya and Doki and jumps over him and Takuya and Doki grabs onto Cerberumon’s tail)

Takuya: Oh man! Ahhh!

Doki: Again?

(everyone turns around and looks at the pillar)

(In the pillar)

Cerberumon: Get out of my way human, or suffer my wrath. 

Takuya: No!

Doki: We don't!

(Cerberumon starts burning)

Takuya: But I hope his wrath isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Doki: Me too.

Cerberumon: Ahhh! The Spirit’s power!

(Cerberumon jumps out of the pillar)

Cerberumon: Owww! That hurt!

Tommy: But what about Takuya and Doki?

Takuya: Wha...I’m fine, but.... *looks up at the Spirit* Ancient Spirit.

Doki: Wow.

(Takuya, Doki and a Digimon walk together)

Takuya & Doki: SPIRIT!!!!!

(The D-Tector flies over to Takuya and the Spirit goes into D-Tector)

Voice: It is time.

Takuya: Execute, Spirit Evolution.

Doki: Execute, Sprit Evolution.

(Spirit Evolution sequence)

Agunimon: Agunimon!

Dogmon: Dogmon!

Cerberumon: What is this? A human turned into a digimon?!

Tommy: What’d he turn into?

1st digmon: Well let’s see.

JP: No way!

Zoe: Everyway. {I think}

Gabi: Anywhere.

1st digimon: Big and red.... Likes flame.... Not Santa Claus.... Oh! Agunimon! And Dogmon!

(The pillar disappears)

Digimon: Oh my! 

Cerberumon: It doesn’t matter who you are! You’ll lose!!! *jumps of Agunimon* Emerald Blaze!!!

(Agunimon and Dogmon moves out of the way and picks up the digimon and Tommy and moves them to where JP and Zoe are)

Tommy: Wow!

Zoe: Moto cool! {Zoe says something in Italian and I don’t know what it is}

Cerberumon: Rar!!! Portals of Darkness!

(Agunimon jumps trying to get away from the portals but falls in one)

Agunimon: AHHHHH!!!!!!

Cerberumon: Now we’ll see how you fare on my turf – Darkness!

(Cerberumon jumps in and the portals disappear)

(Agunimon and Dogmon can't see anything and Cerberumon slices him, but finally catches Cerberumon)

Cerberumon: No one escapes the Darkness! Emerald Blaze!

(Agunimon punches him and Dogmon slice him with a Sword)

Agunimon: How bout I defeat you without escaping. Pyro Tornado!!!

Dogmon: How about this? Strike Raid!!!

Cerberumon: No you can’t! 

(The area they’re in blows up in fire)

Rest of the Group: Ohhh.....

1st digimon: I have to admit it; I’m impressed.

Zoe: But what if he’s in trouble?

Munti: Me too.

(Agunimon and Dogmon kicks Cerberumon)

2nd dgimon: Trouble? No, no, no, no, no.

Cerberumon: A human child defeated me? Noooooo!!!

All: *Laugh*

Tommy: He’s amazing...

Zoe: He’s beautiful!

(Fractal Code shows up around Cerberumon)

Agunimon: Now to take the Fractal Code.

Dogmon: Got it.

(Swipes Fractal Code with D-Tector and Cerberumon becomes a digiegg)

2nd digimon: Hey! Look at the pretty little lights.

1st digimon: You nincompoop! That pretty little light is Cerberumon’s essence. So it looks like we’re not done with him.

(2nd digimon comes around to look at 1st digimon’s book)

1st digimon: Buzz off! You said you didn’t want to carry the book.

Tommy: *looking down* Huh?

(Agunimon and Dogmon turns back into Takuya and Doki)

Takuya: *huff, huff, huff* Wow that’s tiring. But wha... what happened? How’d I know how to do all that stuff?

Voice: You are digidestined.

Takuya: We're what now?

Voice: Digidestined. Chosen for great things. But don’t be frightened; the one who chose you, was you.

Takuya: I chose myself? I guess this means we’re not going home.

Doki: Me too. I hope.

(Another Trailmon comes in with a the blue boy; it arrives at station)

Rika the narrator: These guys have no idea of what they’ve gotten themselves into, but I’ll bet you know. Find out on the next Digimon, Digital Monsters.

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