Here's how Brian meets Flik goes in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar


Guard: Stop thief!

Flik: You can't take me! I'm desperate!

Guard 2: Tell that to the judge, ant!

[Flik continues running for his life and then he bumps into Nightstriker]

Flik: AH! Night Fury!

Brian: [holding flowers] Nightstriker, what's going on?

Nightstriker: [motions to Flik]

Brian: [notice Flik] An ant?

Guard 3: There he is! We got him now!

[They stop]

Brian: Can I help you?

Guard leader: That ant is under arrest!

Brian: Oh? On what charge?

Guard leader: For stealing jewelry.

Brian: [points to Nightstriker]

Guard leader: Right.

Brian: [nods to Nightstriker]

Nightstriker: ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nightstriker: [continues roaring]

[Soon he stops and the guard continue yelling and they stop]

Brian: [whispers] This is the part, where you run away.

[The guards ran away for their lives]

Flik: [chuckles]

[Brian and Nightstriker then start to walk away]

Flik: Uh, excuse me? Could I just say something? You and your Night Fury were incredible!

Brian: [looks back] Are you talking to... [Flik isn't there] Me? [then he looks forward and sees Flik in front of him] AAH!!

Flik: Yes. I was talking to you. I own you my life back there. I mean, those guards thought they had me and then bam! You and your Night Fury show up and they were running away like cockroaches. Man, it's good to be safe from them.

Brian: Now how about you celebrate your freedom with your colony. Hm?

Flik: But... I don't have a colony. Hey wait. I'll stay with you! You, me, and your Night Fury will scare everyone who crosses our path!

Nightstriker: GRAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Flik: Whoa! That was really scary! If that doesn't get the job done, your Night Fury's breath could. Because he certinaly needs some mints because it smells like fish! But then again, just your Night Fury's presence could scare anyone!

[then Flik hangs down from a log in front of Brian]

Brian: AAAH!!

Flik: You know, you act like Hopper you know. Just liek the time...

[Brian covers his mouth but he continues talking]

Flik: And I was a disgrace that time.

Brian: Why are you following me?!

Flik: I'll tell you why. [starts singing] "Cause I'm all alone, there's no one here beside me. My Problems have all gone, and there's no one to derride me. But you gotta have Frieeee.....

Brian: STOP SINGING!!! Well, I'm sorry you don't have any friends! 

Flik: Wow! Only a true friend would say that!

Brian: Listen, blue ant, look at me. What am I?

Flik: Uh, a Wampa?

Brian: NO!!! I'm a talking dog! And look at Nightstriker, what is he?

Flik: A lizard?

Brian: NO!!! He's a Night Fury! You know, one of the most dangerous of all dragons that lived? Doesn't that bother you?

Flik: Nah, not really.

Brian: Really?

Flik: Really, really.

Brian: Huh.

Flik: I like you, what's your name?

Brian: Uh, Brian.

Flik: Brian? That's an odd name.

Brian: Well, no one asked you.

Flik: Sorry.

[They come to Canterlot]

Flik: Wow! This is quite the place!

Brian: That is Canterlot Castle.

Flik: A castle! I've never been in a real castle before, well I was in my ant hill.

Brian: Enjoy your stay. [hops on Nightstriker and they fly off]

Flik: No, no, wait! Blast!

[Soon Brian and Nightstriker meet up with the dragon riders]

Hiccup: Hello, Brian. Good to see you back.

Brian: Yeah, me too.

[Then Flik appears from nowhere]

Flik: Hey, Guys!

Brian: [groans] Oh great.

Flik: These are dragon riders? Are they your friends?

Brian: Yes.

Flik: [runs to the riders] Oh, it is so nice to meet you, I'm Flik!

Yuna: Nice to meet you, Flik.

Brian: [growls]

Flik; [notices Toothless and Nightstar] Wow, more Night Furies!

Hiccup: And there's a lot more of them.

Flik: [notices the alicorns] Oooh, you look nice.

Princess Celestia: Uh, thank you.

Flik: Hey, Brian. Where do I sleep?

Brian: OUTSIDE!!!! [pointing to the door]

Flik: Oh, hat's fine. I mean, I'm an ant. I sleeped under the ground outside. [heads out the door] Good night.

Peter: But it's day time.

Brian: [slams the door]

Flik: Okay. I'll just be here for now. All by myself. [singing] Cause I'm all alone, there's no one here beside me.

Brian: [groans and opens the door] Stop! You can come in!

Flik: Alright! [runs in]

Brian; [sighs] Just try to stay out of trouble.

Flik: Yeah, no problem.

Brian: [groans]

Nightstriker: [growls]

Brian: It'll take me a while to get used to that ant, Nightstriker. But I can't help feeling that something worse will come.

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