Here is how Meeting Jaden, Jeffrey, Hiccup, SpongeBob, Spyro and their teams goes in Werewolf vs Werecat Part 1.

Later that day.

Princess Yuna: Hey, guys.

Courage: Hey, everyone! Look! It's Princess Yuna and Prince Dusty Crophopper!

(Everyone was glad to see them)

Ichy: Hey, You two, Long time no see.

Valka: We've heard all about your heroic deeds, Including how you two defeated The Evil Jester.

Hiccup: Without a doubt, Mom.

Dodo: So, How're you two and your little friends doing?

Dusty Crophopper: We heard about Werewolves and Werecats.

Heffer: That sounds scary, But guess what, Guys, You're not going to believe this.

Lazlo: We heard great stoires about the hidden treasure in a place called Full Moon Island.

Spyro: How would you guys like to join us on a quest?

Princess Yuna: Sounds good to me.

Jaden: Guys, Looks like the Quest for the Treasure of Full Moon Island has begun.

Scamper: Yay, Glad to have Princess Yuna and her friends with us.

Brain: I'm so excited.

Dusty Crophopper: Alright, Guys, Let's pack our bags, We're going to Full Moon Island.

(Everyone and Everypony cheered)

Captain Smek: Wait a minute! Where is anybody else?

Oh: Here they come now!

Prince Edmond: Hey, Guys!

Stary: (on Train) Sorry we're late.

Train: Had a wrong turn. So, We're we going?

Princess Yuna: To Full Moon Island.

Toaster: Then Let's start packing.

Kirby: Well, What've we got to loose?

Ratso: You're up for it, Doogal?

Doogal: Darn right, Ratso.

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