The way Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Cake goes in New Cake in Ponyville.

Later, at the Sugar Cube Corner.

Marble Cake: I made it.

Mr. Carrot Cake: Hello, Marble Cake.

Mrs. Cup Cake: We're so happy to see you.

Marble Cake: Aunt Cup Cake! Uncle Carrot Cake! (hugging his aunt and uncle) I missed you guys.

Mr. Carrot Cake: Look how big you've gotten, We havn't seen you since you were colt.

Mrs. Cup Cake: Marble Cake, Those are your cousins, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake.

Marble Cake: Why, Hello, Pound Cake, Hi, Pumpkin Cake.

Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake: (happy gurgling and excited giggling hugging their big cousin)

Mr. Carrot Cake: Aww, Look at them, They seem to like you.

Marble Cake: (laughs) They do, Don't they?

In the bedroom.

Pinkie Pie: Hello, Marble Cake.

Marble Cake: Hello, Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: Guess what, I'm here to make you feel welcome in Ponyville by being your Roomie for a day.

Marble Cake: Sounds great.

Mrs. Cup Cake: Now, Marble Cake, You're Uncle and I are going to let you get settled.

Mr. Carrot Cake: Just, Let us know if you need anything.

Marble Cake: Will do, Uncle Carrot Cake, Thanks agian.

Later that night.

Marble Cake: Goodnight, Uncle Carrot Cake.

Mr. Carrot Cake: Goodnight, Marble Cake.

Mrs. Cup Cake: Pleasent dreams, Marble Cake.

Marble Cake: Goodnight, Aunt Cup Cake. (yawning) Goodnight, Pinkie Pie. (falling asleep)

Pinkie Pie: Night, Marble, Sweet dreams. (falling asleep)

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