This is how meeting Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, learning how to fly and you can fly goes in Crash Meets Peter Pan.


Mary Darling: But, George. Do you suppose the children and their friends are safe without Nana?

George Darling: Safe? Of course they are safe. Why not?

Mary Darling: Well. Ryan and Wendy said something about a shadow and I...

George Darling: Shadow? Who's shadow?

Mary Darling: It's Peter Pan's.

George Darling: Oh yes. Peter pa... Peter Pan? You don't say. Oh good gosh. Whatever should we do?

Mary Darling: Maybe we should...

George Darling: Sound the alarm! Call Scotland Yard!

Mary Darling: There must be something.

[while the two talk, we see a man on the roof and looks at George and Mary. He then moves to another roof with two specks of light following them. They look at Nana asleep and then comes to a window. They see Wendy, Ryan, Crash and a few friends asleep. They go inside]

Peter Pan: Over there, Tink. In it's den. Is it here?

[Tinker Bell goes in Nana's dog house and comes out shaking her head for no]

Peter Pan: Must be in here somewhere.

[Peter looks in a toy trunk then he hears music]

Peter Pan: Tink! Shh! Stop playing and help me find my shadow. Shadow. Oh, Shadow.


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