This is how Blythe meets Rogue and Leo, and Chris explains his feelings and his nightmare goes in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[Back on Kamino, the Kamanioan takes Blythe to an apartment room]

Kamanioan: Leo, is your father here?

Leo: Yeah.

Kamanioan: Can we see him?

Leo: Sure. Dad, Valerie is here.

[Out of the corner appears a big unicorn stallion with a bounty hunter logo as a cutie mark]

Valerie: Rogue. Thank goodness you're back, this is Jedi Master Blythe Baxter.

[Blythe bows to him]

Blythe: Pleased to meet you.

Rogue: You too. [to Leo] Leo, close the closet door.

[But Blythe looks at it and she sees mandalorian armory and helmet]

Rogue: How can I help you?

Blythe: I just came by to see your clones. They're very impressive.

Rogue: They do fine on their job.

Blythe: So anyway. Have you been to anywhere far out to Earth, and to Canterlot?

[Leo looks to his father worriedly]

Rogue: I've only been there once, or twice. But I did met a mare named "Nyx", on one of Jupiter's moons: "Europa". I'm just a regular unicorn finding my way into the universe.

Blythe: Well, do you know who ordered your clones?

Rogue: That is a remain secret.

Blythe: Very well. I'm looking forward to see your Clones in action.

Rogue: Always a pluasure to meet a Jedi.

[Blythe and Valerie leave, but Rogue looks cautious]

Leo: What's wrong, dad?

Rogue: Pack your things, we're leaving.

[Back with Blythe and Valerie]

Valerie: Please come back soon, master Blythe.

Blythe: I will. And thank you.

[The door opens as she puts on her hood and runs towards the ship]

Blythe: T7! Try to make contact to Canterlot!

[T7 then sends out a signal beacon and it cuts to Canterlot with the royals, as she appears on a hologram]

Blythe: [on hologram] Guys! I tracked the source of all this, they're using a bounty hunter called: "Rogue" to create an army of Clone Equines! Did we authorized that order?

Princess Celestia: No. Whoever authorized that order did not have permission to do so.

Barret Barricade: Blythe, capture him, and bring him to us immedaintly.

Blythe: [on hologram] Yes, Barret! I'll report back to you when I have him!

[The hologram cuts off]

Cadance: Who would wanted an army of Clone Equines?

Shining Armor: I don't know.

Twilight: So what are we gonna do about it?

Princess Luna: I don't know, Twilight. But it sounds like something is coming, and we just don't know it.

[Then it sideswipes back to Naboo where Chris and Sunset are having dinner]

Chris: And so, he was trapped when the raptors surronded him. And Umbreon and I saved him, and then Sylveon slaps him and called him a suicide bomb.

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, my.

[Then Chris force lifts up an apple and splits it in 2 and gives the other half to Sunset]

Chris: If Brian was here, he would kill me.

[Later that night, the 2 were at a fire place]

Chris: Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah?

Chris: Everyday when I'm away. I think about you.

Sunset Shimmer: What?

Chris: Eversince we kiss this morning. I'm in agony, I can't breath! My heart is beating faster, eversince we kissed, it haunted me like a ghost! Your in my sould, tormenting me. I just wanna wish away my feelings, but I can't!

Sunset Shimmer: Enough! I've been haunted by that kiss too, but it's not like what you're suffering into too. You're a Jedi, I'm a Jedi/Princess. We can't share love, if the council finds out. You'll be expelled.

Chris: [gets up and leaves, but stops and turns back] We can keep it a secret.

Sunset Shimmer: And lie to our family, and people and love? Do you want that, Chris?

[Then it shows Chris having trouble sleeping, then he wakes up in shock]

[Then it fades to the next morning where Chris is meditating, and Sunset walks in but decided to leave]

Chris: Don't go. Your presence is warm.

Sunset Shimmer: I was worried about you, last night.

Chris: I have to go to Earth. She's in pain, Sunset. I know I'm suppose to protect you, but I'm disobaying orders.

Sunset Shimmer: I'll go with you.

Chris: I'm sorry, but this won't be easy. I don't have a choice.

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