This is how Meeting Teknee's champion, Geary goes in Ryan's Nitro Kart Adventure.

[at Velo's Citadel]

Emperor Velo the 27th: So, you know. Some racers from each team have ever won all 12 trophies.

Crowd: Bandicoot! Cortex! Friendship! PJ Masks! Plunder! TMNT! Dark Stars! Rainbooms! Battlebot! Alphablocks! India! Rothbart!

Emperor Velo the 27th: Yes, they deserve it. But, now. They must face my finest racer.

[A bright light appears and disappears reveling a robot standing on a platform]

Ryan F-Freeman: Who?

Emperor Velo the 27th: Geary, Champion of Teknee! The pinnacle of robotics!

Ryvine Sparkle: A robot?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear thinks this bot is a champ.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Ooh. A robot champ. [to Queen Uberta] Matau knows what Mattis want for Christmas, Mom.

Rothbart: A robot named Geary? How are we going to race against him?

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm number one.[holds out 3 fingers then holds out one]

Matau T. Monkey: How did Geary became a champion of Teknee, Velo?

Emperor Velo the 27th: I'm glad you asked, Matau. [to Geary] Tell them, Geary.

Geary: Only a robot can achieve perfection in motion. I will demolish any... Oh. What a mess! Can't have that not clean. [hoovers his platform] Now, where was I?

Alise: Ok. Which one will race against Geary, Rothbart?


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