Meeting a Pokemon

(Alice rides to the Market Street: Station Heights and sees Toby and Abby)

Alice: Hey.

Abby: Morning.

(The two freeze in midwalk)

Alice: Huh...?

(Alice runs up to them but it suddenly stopped by Keldeo)

Keldeo: Hello, Alison.

Alice: Uh... Hi... And you are...?

(Keldeo holds up a hoof to quiet her)

Keldeo: I wanted to meet you at least once.

Alice: Me?

Keldeo: Yes, you.

(Alice scratches her head and Keldeo walks away. Toby and Abby unfreeze)

Toby: Abby dragged me along to go shopping.

Abby: Hey, you wanna come with us?

Alice: Um, uhh, wait... did you just see that...

(Alice looks in the direction Keldeo left)

Toby: She's stalling.

Abby: Very well, then. We'll see you later, Alice, okay?

Alice: Y-Yeah...

(Abby and Toby lefted as Alice looked again)

Alice: Did he go to that haunted mansion?

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