Here is how Meeting a herd of Mammoths and Mastodons and Gaining control of Genesis Park goes in Genesis Park.

At the Visitor's Center.

Raptor Claw and Ellie carrying Mr. Spivey on a medical clinic.

Princess Luna: Thank you, Mickey for coming on such short notice.

Mickey Mouse: Not a problem.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: So, What's going on here?

Prince Isamu: (fusses for Yuna)

Princess Luna: Now, Now, Isamu. It's okay.

Hiro: Yuna and the others are missing.

Princess Luna: And so are Professor Mosquito Amber's grandchildren, Alexis and Jim.

Larry: I hope they're okay.

Ellie: Me too.

Professor Mosquito Amber: Don't worry, We must keep our hopes up for their safety.

Princess Luna: Right, Professor. All we can do now it wait for their return.

Meanwhile, Yuna and her friends are traveling through the park.

Princess Yuna: Guys, Look!

Princess Sharon: It's a whole herd of Mammoths and Mastodons of each species.

Moon Starlight: Look at those.

Then, The Matriarchs of each species came up towards them.

Nyx: They look very protective.

Princess Yuna: Don't worry, I got this.

Mammoths and Mastodons gathering around Yuna.

Princess Yuna: It's okay, Guys. They're not going to hurt us!

Princess Skyla: (giggles as the calves rapped their trunks around her and her sisters gently) I think these calves like me.

Armor Bride: Look at their fur!

Sweetie Heart: They're so warm!

Scander: Their trunks would keep us warm like scarves.

Britney Sweet: And during the cold.

Armor Bride: (looked at her bow) I wish Grimlock and the Dinobots were here.

Meanwhile, the group are facing a difficult problem.

Mickey Mouse: There's gotta be a way to get the power back.

Princess Celestia: Mommy loves my little Indy so much. (kisses Indy)

Prince Indy: (laughs)

Princess Anna: (fusses over her mother)

Princess Celestia: (picks up Anna and kisses her) I love you too, Anna.

Ellie: Genesis Park means a whole lot to my father. I just hope our children are alright.

Larry: Don't worry. It'll be okay. The important thing is that we have to keep Genesis Park from ending up like Jurassic Park.

Professor Mosquito Amber: We must do what we can to gain control of the Park. Will you please shut down the system?

Doctor Incubator: (gulps and gets to his hooves) You asked for it. (He walks slowly across the room to a red metal box on the wall. He takes a key from his belt, unlocks the door, and opens it. There is a row of four switches inside. He flips them off, one by one, leaving only a single lever left. His hand hovers over it... and he flips the lever.) And you got it.

Every monitor, every terminal, every fluorescent light shuts out. plunging them into near-darkness. They just sit in eerie stillness for a moment.

Oh: How long will this take?

Doctor Incubator: 'Bout thirty seconds.

Professor Mosquito Amber: Then let's make it count.

Ellie: Won't be long now.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (crying in the dark)

Princess Celestia: Shh, It's okay, My babies. It's okay.

Prince Flashlight: (crying in the dark)

Twilight Sparkle: Shh, Don't cry, Flashlight, Mommy's here.

Prince Tyrone: (crying in the dark)

Princess Cadance: It's okay, Tyrone. Everything's going to be just fine.

Prince Isamu: (crying in the dark)

Princess Luna: There, There, Isamu. Mama's here. Don't cry.

Finally, Dr. Incubator turns back to the box. He flips the row of safety switches back again, then hesitates by the main switch.

Dr. Incubator: Hold on.

He throws it. And nothing happens. There is a very long pause.

Gremlin Gus: It's not working.

Dr. Incubator: Uh...

Raptor Claw: Listen, which of you knows how to handle a gun?

Incubator, who can't quite understand this, races over to the main monitor.

Dr. Incubator: HAH! It's okay! It's okay! Look! See that?! LOOK!

They stare at the monitor, which glows with a faint amber light, the only mechanical thing in the room that's on. The left hand corner of the screen displays two words: system ready.

Dr. Incubator looks at them, his face triumphant.

Dr. Incubator: It's on! It worked!

Raptor Claw: Wait a minute? What do you mean "worked"? Everything is still off!

Dr. Incubator: The shutdown must have tripped the circuit breakers. All we have to do is turn them back on, reboot a few systems in here, the phones, security doors, half a dozen others but it worked! System ready!

Princess Celestia: Where are the breakers?

Dr. Incubator: Out in the maintenance shed. Other side of the compound. Three minutes, and you can have the power back on in the entire park.

Professor Mosquito Amber: Just to be safe, I'd like to have everybody in the emergency bunker until the whole system is back on its feet again.

Mickey Mouse: Right away, Professor.

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