Here is the scene goes when G-Merl and Danielle encounters the D-Team, Alpha Gang and their Dinosaurs in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(Later G-Merl and Danielle escape from the Tyrannosaurus Rex)

Danielle: I think we lost him.

G-Merl: I think so too.

Danielle: Look!

(They see the building)

G-Merl: What is a building doing here in the Dinosaur Jungle?

Danielle: We have to go and see.

G-Merl: Hold it, there could be more carnivore dinosaurs or black creatures in there.

Danielle: Your right, let's go.

(They slowly open the door and looks inside to see nothing)

G-Merl: Coast is clear.

(They walk inside as the door closes then the lights went out)

G-Merl: The lights are out.

Danielle: Now what?

???: Attack them!

(Then something attack G-Merl and Danielle but then Danielle manage to put the lights back on the attackers reveal to be the D-Team, Alpha Gang and their Dinosaurs)

Max Taylor: G-Merl?

G-Merl: Max? What was that for attacking us?

Rex Owen: Sorry, we thought you and that girl are one of those monsters.

Zoe Drake: We're so sorry, G-Merl.

G-Merl: It's okay. And those monsters you mean Black Creatures.

Ed: By the way who is that girl?

Danielle: My name is Danielle.

G-Merl: Danielle, these are my friends. Max Taylor. Rex Ancient. Zoe Drake. And theses are their dinosaurs, Chomp the Triceratops. Ace the Carnotaurus. And Paris the Parasaurolophus. You can call them D-Team for short. And these are the Alpha Gang. Urusla. Zander. Ed. Dr. Z. And these are his Grandchildren Rod and Laura. And these are the Alpha Gang's dinosaurs. Terry the T-Rex. Spiny the Spinosaurus. And Tank the Saichania.

Danielle: It's nice to meet you all.

Max Taylor: Nice to meet you too, Danielle.

(Then Chomp bites her leg)

Danielle: Ow!

Max Taylor: (Grabs Chomp) Chomp, stop! Sorry about him, he just sometimes likes to bite things.

Danielle: It's okay. He's so cute. And it's nice to meet you too old lady.

Ursula: Hey! I am not an old lady!

G-Merl: Careful not to call Ursula an old lady. She gets really angry if you call her that. Even though she is.

Danielle: Sorry.

Rod: So have you've been journeying with G-Merl?

Danielle: Yes.

Laura: And you been with G-Merl how long?

G-Merl: For like days.

Rex Owen: Wow.

Max Taylor: So uh... what are you up too? Still searching for the Chaos Emeralds to find you're own destiny?

G-Merl: Correct.

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