This is where our heroes meet the Miner trains for the first time in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle find Atlantis The Lost Empire.

[our heroes enter a room to rest in]

Shining Armor: Those were some intresting engines.

Fluttershy: And that whale one was so cute!

Spike: Steamy said there were some more on the submarine.

Applejack: Ah' wonder who they are?

Rarity: We can't know for sure but, I'll be looking forwrad to meeting them. [she then lays down on something]

[then a set of eyes appear in the dark]

Male voice: Hello?

Rarity: [shreiks] Who said that?

Male voice: Me.

Rainbow: Who's "me"?

Male voice: Over here. [the group look over the side and something starts coming out of the darkness. First a orange jack hammer prong comes into the light, then a green engine comes out, and then last his tender, which has some dynamite latched on the side]

Edward: Blistering boilers! In all my long years, I've never seen anything like that before.

Steam Grindor: You, miss unicorn.

Twilight: Me?

Steam Grindor: Are you, Twilight Sparkle?

Twilight: Yes, I am.

Pinkie: We've never seen you before!

Steam Grindor: Yeah, I figured.

James: Who are you?

Steam Grindor: I'm Steam Grindor, Miner Train #1.

Scootaloo: What's that orange-thingy sticking out from your face?

Steam Grindor: That's my jackhammer.

Rainbow: You have a jackhammer on your nose?

Steam Grindor: The jackhammer is my nose.

Rainbow: Oh.

Applejack: Are you one a' them engines Steamy metioned?

Steam Grindor: Yeah, I am.

Male voice: So am I.

[the them look back and see a green tank engine with huge claws]

Steam Mech: Hey there.

Toby: Who are you?

[the team are about to walk up to the tank engine]

Steam Mech: No, ya don't have to move, I'll come to you. [then 4 mechenical legs come out his sides and lifts him on the track and he walks over]

Applejack: Whoa Nelly!

Twilight: You can walk?!

Steam Mech: Yeah I can.

[some of the team tap Steam Mech's legs to see if they are real]

Applejack: Land sakes! Yer' legs are really real!

Steam Mech: Yep.

Edward: Now, that's really something I've never seen before.

Steam Mech: I get that alot, [holds out his claw] Steam Mech, Miner Train #2.

Twilight: [accepts Steam Mech's claw and shakes it] Twilight Sparkle.

Steam Mech: Really? Nice to meet you.

[then something taps Rarity's shoulder]

Rarity: Hmm?

Male Voice: Scuse me, you're laying on my flatcar.

Rarity: Oh I'm sorry!

Male voice: It's alright.

[then an orange scoop comes out of the darkness followed by a yellow front loader and then the flatbad follows behind, which loaded with demolitions tools and other stuff]

Mucker: Hello.

Pinkie: Are you a front loader?

Mucker: Yeah, a Railway front loader.

Henry: A railway front loader, on treads?

Mucker: I'll explain that later. Who might you guys be?

Twilight: Oh I..

Mucker: Wait! Don't tell me! I'll found out for myself! [he grabs Twi's hoof and deploys a mechanical arm with tweezers on the end]

Twilight: Whoa! Hey, what are doing? Let go of my hoof! [tries to pull herself loose]

Mucker: Easy, there. I'm just trying to get a sample. Hold still. [he takes something off Twi's hoof] Ah, here it is! [he then deploys a telescope thing] Let's see this guy's story. [small magnfying lenses drop down in front of the telescope one by one] Okay. [we veiw microscopics] Ink from pen ink #3, type used in Librarys, fragments of a feather quill pen #4, fragments of guide books and dictionaries. You have an owl, male, 4 years old, species: Brown Owl. These are microspocic hoof prints of a lybraian and a Princess' protoge.

Twilight: Yes! That's right. I'm Twilight Sparkle, I am the prized student of our benevolent leader, Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria. And I am also the librarian of the Books and Branches Ponyville Public Library. and I do have an owl!

Mucker: Nice to meet you. [indicating Rarity] Now, let's find out about you. [is about to grab Rarity's hoof when he stops] Uh, may I?

Rarity: Sure, just don't get it dirty. These have been well groomed.

Mucker: Ah, a clean one aw? [he grabs Rarity's hoof and takes something off] Now, what's your story? [looks at it with his microscope telescope] Let's see. [we view microscopics] Small fragments of gem stones, samples of fancy fabrics, rare thread, and other fashion items, Sample of Lauren F, formula 1563, Keratin-B supplemented shampoo. You have a cat, short-haired persion, female, 3 years old, 4 of a litter of 8. These are microscopics of a rich, sophisticated, fashion designer and a gemstone collector.

Rarity: Yes! That's absolutely correct! I am Rarity.

Mucker: [to Applejack] Can you too, please?

Applejack: [holds up her hoof] Way ahead of ya'.

Mucker: [takes something off her hoof, then looks at it with his microscope telescope] Let's see this story. [we veiw microscopics] Smalls bits of mud, and matter from barn pens, some bits of straw, animal feed of all kinds. Small rope fragments. Some samples of apple trees, several different breeds of different ages. You have a dog, Border Collie, female. 6 years old, 42: dog years, 6 of a litter of 9. These are the markings of a farmer, and rodeo girl. Plus, an Apple farmer.

Applejack: That's right! Ah'm Applejack.

Mucker: [to Fluttershy] Now you. 

Fluttershy: [squeaks and slowly backs away]

Mucker: Oh, you're shy.

Fluttershy: [quietly] Yes.

Mucker: Don't fret, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Fluttershy: [softly] Okay. [holds up her hoof]

Mucker: [takes something off] let's see here. [looks at it with his microscope telescope] What do we have here? [we veiw microscopics] Animal feed of several kinds, samples of forest grounds and fauna. Terafirma samples. You have a rabbit, male. 6 years old 3 of a litter of 52. This is the samples of an animal caretaker and expert.

Fluttershy: Yes, and I'm Fluttershy.

Mucker: [To RD] You're next.

Rainbow: Alright. [holds up her hoof] Go ahead, take a sample.

Mucker: Actually, I want one of your feathers.

Rainbow: Oh. [holds her wing]

Mucker: Thanks. [pulls out a feather, then looks at it with his microscope telescope] Let's see. [we view microscopics] Fragments of different clouds, a lot of sweat. Fragments of training equipment and strong muscular bind to it. You own a tortoise, 14 years old, and very strong. These are markings of a weather pony, an athelete, and a show pegasus in training.

Rainbow: You're right! I'm all that! Rainbow Dash.

Mucker: [to Pinkie] Your next.

Pinkie: Okie Dokie Lokie!

Mucker: Sample from your tail.

Pinkie: Sure. [she turns around and lifts her tail]

Mucker: [pulls out a hair] Let's see here with you. [looks at it with his microscope telescope] [we view microscopics] Samples of sugar, flour, baking soda, baking powder, and other baking supplies. Fragments of party and joke items. Small bits of confetti, streamers, and ribbions. Sample of Bubbly shampoo. You have an alligator, 1 year old, young male. Species: Southern. These are all the markings of a cake baker. Also, a party-planner, jokester, and super, hyper activeness pony.

Pinkie: Thanks. And I'm Pinkie Pie.

Mucker: You're welcome.

Shining Armor: I'm next. [holds up his hoof] Here.

Mucker: I don't need a sample from you, I'll figure out by observations.

Shining Armor: Oh. Alright, carry on.

Mucker: [drives up to Shining Armor and starts examining him] Alright, [lifts up one of Shining Armor's front legs] Big hooves, strong, muscular bind. Mane consisting of different shades of Navy blue. Strong, musclur legs, thin waist. Short cut, tail in the same color scheme as your mane. A cutie mark in the shape of Nav blue sheild, with a six pronged magenta star, and 3 small stars above it. This are the qualities of a soldier. But not just any soldier, Captain of the Royal Guard!

Shining Armor: That's right! I'm Shining Armor.

Mucker: Wow. [to Cadance] Now you.

Cadance: Go ahead.

Mucker: [starts examining Cadance] Slick, slender bind. Thin, long legs. Narrow body. Golden necklace around neck. Long protruding horn, tri-colored mane, and tail done in curls at the ends. Cutie mark consisting of a sky blue crystal heart, with golden royal crests on the sides. Golden hoof-guards. And [gently pulls out one of Cadance's wings] a huge set of pink wings with light purple tips. And to top it off, [takes Cadance's crown] A golden crown with purple gems. [puts it back] You are a young princess. Namely, neice of the highest Princess of the kingdom.

Cadance: Yes. I'm Cadance.

Mucker: Nice to meet you all.

Twilight: How did you figure all that stuff out from a tiny sample of DNA and observations?

Mucker: It's quite simple really. I'm a geologist, and a super intelligent scientist.

Rusty: Yet, you have a flatcar of explosives.

Mucker: Yes, I'm also an explosives expert.

Rusty: So, what kind of explosives?

Mucker: Dynamite, gun powder, black powder, C4, ANFO, and a few detination tools.

Sir Handel: What about Nitro Glyclerin?

Mucker: No way. That stuff's way too unstable. It's not worth the risk.

Skarloey: Good thinking.

Mucker: I'm Mucker, Miner Train #3.

[Then another engine with claws appears]

Pinkie: Hi, what's your name?

Steam Claw D.: Steam Claw Digger, Miner Train #4.

Peter Sam: What big claws you have.

Steam Claw D.: All the better for digging with.

[Then the floor rumbles a bit]

Pinkie: Whoa!

[then a huge steam locomotive's shadow is seen. Then a huge dual-rotating drill enters, followed by a huge engine with big wheels and 2 huge floodlights that are his eyes]

Twilight: WHOA!

Stem Driller: Hello.

Percy: Wow.

Scootaloo: A giant steam locomotive with a huge dual-rotating drill? Now I've seen everything.

Gordon: You're the biggest engine I've ever seen!

Henry: You're even bigger than Murdoch!

Steamy Driller: Thank you. Steam Driller, Miner Train #5

Thomas: You are amazing. I've never seen any train like you.

Steam Driller: I can believe that, what other engine is there that looks like me?

Emily: None. You're the only one we've seen like that.

[then another engine comes in, with a huge sweeping turbine on the front and a faltcar with a minature drill and a bunch of tools]

Hiro: Who are you?

Steam Sweeper: Steam Sweeper, Miner Train #6.

Charlie: "Steam Sweeper"?

Steam Sweeper: I'm called that because this turbine on my front is used for sweeping up crystals, gold, silver, and other treasures.

Bash: So you..

Dash: Look for treasures...

Bash: And then sweep them asside with...

Dash: Your turbine thing?

Ferdinand: That's right.

Steam Sweeper: Perhaps a deminstration is in order.

Luke: What kinda deminstration?

Steam Sweeper: Mucker.

Mucker: [sets down a few gem and crystals]

Steam Sweeper: [starts up his turbine and then drives over the gems and crystals, sweeping them up and into a container in his back end]

Luke: Wow.

Steam Sweeper: And that, my friends, is why I'm called Steam Sweeper.

Rarity: But what happens to the gems you sweep up?

Steam Sweeper: Open the back compartment in the back of my cab.

Rarity: [does so] Oh.

[Then another one pulls up, a green tank engine with a flatcar that has an excavator on it]

Percy: Hello. And who you might be?

Steam Excavator: I'm Steam Excavator, Miner Train #7.

Thomas: So, there are seven of you?

Steam Grindor: Yeah. There is.

Twilight: No kidding.

Mrs. Packard: [on speaker] All trains and ponies, please report to the bridge.

Mucker: Uh, you guys better get going. We'll catch up soon.

Thomas: Alright.

Rheneas: Oh and nice meeting you guys.

[they race for the bridge]

Steam Grindor: Yeah, nice meeting you guys too.

[the Miner Trains gather most of their stuff and start to head for the bridge]

Mucker: What nice ponies and engines.

Steam Driller: They're just as Steamy, Puffy, and Shai described.

Steamy Grindor: Aye, indeed.

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