This is how meeting the real Ryan Tokisaki goes in The Creation of Ryan Tokisaki.

[At the school roof]


Ryan Tokisaki: Well, Tish. You like my time eating castle. It sucks up the time of anyone who steps in my shadow.

Evil Ryan: So. You think this barrier sucks up time? [gasps] Your right eye is a clock?

Ryan Tokisaki: Yes. What you and Tish are looking at is my time. Or in your case, my lifespan? My angel has an awesome power. But, it does got a habit of eating up my time whenever I use it. So I have to replenish it with other people's time.

Tish: What? Other people's time?

Ryan Tokisaki: Everyone is my lovely and cute pray. But, you... You are specail, Tish and you didn't realise it. Guess what?

[Kuryan lick his finger as his human eye glows purple]

Ryan Tokisaki: You are the reason why I am here. I came all this way so I can become one with you in person and see the look on your face when I eat you.

Evil Ryan: Yuck. Maybe you need chicken? Or something.

Tish: Ok. I am the one you want! Don't hurt anyone else!

Ryan Tokisaki: I will do it. But, first. I want you to take back what you said this morning. For some reason you cannot save me now. Are you? You think I'm awful to cause the pain for a reason? You can say it. You hate me and I am not the one who shows mercy. I will eat you. But, I'm giving you a chance to take your words back. [pats Tish's cheek] Do that, my love and I will take down this barrier so the people won't die.

Tish: [gasps]

Ryan Tokisaki: [laughs then whispers in Tish's ear] What will you choose. Better pick your choice or there will be nothing left for you to save.

Tish: Take down the barrier, Kuryan. But, my friends and I will not give up on you.

Ryan Tokisaki: Are you stubbon? Your words confuse me a little. Like Evil Ryan could guess this. [Waves his hand in the air]

[The spacial quake alarm goes off]

Tish: What? That noise...

Ryan Tokisaki: You reconise the sound so what am I doing?

Evil Ryan: It's the spacial quake alarm.

Tish: Evil Ryan? I think he's scared of me.

Ryan Tokisaki: What will my Tish do? If the quake occers now. What will happen to the students?

Evil Ryan: Listen. F-Freesaki. You said you want Tish so you want her powers. Right? If that's so, stop the quake. If you don't...

[Evil Ryan grabs Tish and carries her to the balcony]


Evil Ryan: I'll toss her off the roof and kill her.

Ryan Tokisaki: You make Tish a hostage? Cool one. But that's not what you Tished of.

Evil Ryan: Watch me.

[Evil Ryan tosses Tish into the air]

Tish: I'm flying! No. Still can't fly.

[She falls and Kuryan saves Tish and put her back on the roof]

Ryan Tokisaki: Are you kidding me? Darn it. That was stupid.

Tish: I know. Because Sci-Ryan and I are hostages to you.

Sci-Ryan: If you can stop the spacequake, that would be good. And take down the barrier. If you don't. I swear to Primus and Pumpkin Pie, Evil Ryan will kill Tish.

Ryan Tokisaki: Ok. I suppose Primus is Ryan's mentor.

[Kuryan dismissed the quake and the barrier dissappears]


Ryan Tokisaki: There's more?

Tish: I want you to have a second chance. I know you have to live what you did for the rest of your live. But there is no reason for me to save you. I can help you.

Ryan Tokisaki: You mean it? Am I worth it for a hero thing? I think....

[Something impales Kuryan]

Unknown voice: Falling for her words, I see. It don't have to be the same way for Kurumi falling for Shido's words. You know.

Sci-Ryan: Whoa. I feel that the bit of the process is starting to break down.

Ryan Tokisaki: Thank you, Tish and Sci-Ryan..

Unknown Voice: Well that is done. You go have a rest now.


Sci-Ryan: What?

Tish: Kuryan? How?

Ryan Tokisaki: It seems for me, I think this endevour is too young.

[The Kuryan clone disappears]

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