Here is how the Heroes meet the X-Men in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(we see the heroes under heavy attack)

Sonata Dusk: Tino join us our love!

Tino Tonitini: Shut up!

(finally the villains corner the heroes)

Sonata Dusk: Say nighty night.(shoots an arrow at them)

(as the heroes brace themselves, time slows down and a silver blur runs up to the arrow just as it is very close to them and catches it)

(time returns to normal speed and everyone is shocked to see the person that stopped the arrow)

Quicksilver: Hi.(drops the arrow) You trying to shoot them? You better think twice, before you get outran cause you're about to taste the rainbow.(runs up to them and fast punches Sonata at a very fast speed)

Max Taylor: Nice costume.

Quicksilver: Thanks.

Chomp:(bites his leg)

Quicksilver: Aw you're so cute.(pets him)

Adagio Dazzle: Why you!

Master Xehanort:(telekinetically throws a boulder at him)

(a red laser beam destroys the boulder)

Quicksilver: Wow!(takes off his goggles)

Scott Summers:(shoots another optic blast, this time hitting Primus)

Primus:(in Iago's voice) Ow, that hurt!

Jean Grey:(telekinetically slams Adagio into the wall)

Nightcrawler:(teleports next to Quicksilver) Guten Tag.

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