Here is how the X-Men meet the sisters and tell their stories in X-Men in Equestria.

(we see Canterlot)

(Celestia is pacing her floor, sad that she was always alone in the daytime)

(a letter appears)

Princess Celestia:(opens and reads it)(becomes shocked)

(she runs to Luna's room, and knocks on her door)

Snowdrop: Mommy's not in there right now.

Princess Celestia: Well where is she?

[we see Hiro getting ice cream, and gives it to Luna and Yuna]

Yuna: This is the best day ever.

Skyla: You got that right.

(suddenly, Celestia appeared)

Shining Armor: Celestia, we didn't know you would be here.

Princess Celestia: There is a matter that we must attend to. Twilight has sent a letter of a crisis that went down.

Optimus Prime: What sort of crisis?

Princess Celestia: The Villains.

Starlight Glimmer:(walks up, pulling a cart of library books) The Villains were in Ponyville?!

Princess Celestia:(nods)

Trixie: What else did the letter say?

Princess Celestia: The Diamond Dogs kidnapped the Crusaders and nearly got away with it, if one of Equestria's newest visitors hadn't intervened.

Hiro: Visitors?

Princess Celestia: She called them humans with extraordinary powers.

Princess Luna: When do we meet these humans?

Princess Celestia: We leave right away.

(later, a chariot is flying to the town while some of the others traveled on the ground)

Princess Cadence:(raises an eyebrow) So what else did Twilight say?

Princess Celestia: She mentioned that one of them would meets us with them.

Yuna:(whispers to Snowdrop and Skyla) Who do you think it is?

Skyla:(whispers back) I don't know. I've never met them.

[Ponyville came into view and the Mane 6 and a hooded figure were waiting for]

Twilight Sparkle: That should be them.

Apocalypse: These princesses. What are they like?

[the chariot lands]

Princess Cadence: Twilight!(embraces her)

Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadence: Sunshine, sunshine~

Ladybugs awake~

Clap your hooves and do a little shake~

Apocalypse: Interesting.

Princess Celestia: Twilight, why have you called me here? Where is this visitor?

Apocalypse:(steps forward) I am he.

(they all turn to him)

Ironhide: Who are you supposed to be? And why are you hiding yourself in a hood and cloak?

[Apocalypse removes his hood]

Apocalypse: Shen, Elohim, Ra, Krishna, Yahweh. I've been called many names over many lifetimes. I am born of death. I was there to spark and fan the flame of man's awakening, to spin the wheel of civilization. And when the forest would grow rank and in need for clearing of a new growth...(in a deep, amplified voice) I was there to set it ablaze.

Ratchet: So you basically have the names of many gods.

Apocalypse: Yes, but I was born with one name - En Sabah Nur.

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