Here's how meeting up with the rest of the group and Bertie and Terence leaves in Wrath of the Century.

[a little while later. Thomas, Percy, Lady, Brian, the girls, Kyle, Joe Lamb, his firneds, and the T-850, are now in the desert plains of Appleloosa]

[we then come to a small hill just outside of Appleloosa,]

[the Planet Shuttle then lands]

Twilight: Thomas! What's wrong with Lady?

Thomas: She's sick. She's been stung by a hybrid Deceptitrain.

Sparkshot: [comes out and then examines the sting] As I thought. The Clawer got you.

Lady: The Clawer?

Sparkshot: He's a hybrid creation of the Deceptitrains. [as he speaks he gets a needle] It was out of control, and it escaped and kills it's scientist for sport.

Thomas: Like the Idominious Rex?

Sparkshot: Yes. But now, the villains must made him to be their companion. [injects the anti-venom in Lady's stung spot]


Sparkshot: Not to worry, Lady. After a while, you'll be walking once more.

[Brian, the Human Mane 5, and the T-850 hop out of Percy]

T-850: [examines Human Rainbow] No sign of any fatal injuries.

Human Rainbow: Yeah, I'm fine. Do you even remember us? The Ultratron? "Protecting Nyx"? "The Planet Harvestor?" "Asta la Vista, baby." Ring any bells?

Pikachu: [runs up] Pika?

T-850: That was a different T-101.

Human Rainbow: A different one?

Human Applejack: That can't be! Ya' look like the same one!

T-850: I'm a new model.

Human Pinkie: You mean you're just off the assembly line?

T-850: Yes.

Human Rainbow: Oh great, now we're gonna have to teach you everything again!

Human Rarity: But how can you be different? You still look like the same handsome looking Terminator from before.

Mucker: He's right. He's not the same guy. This guy is a T-850. [to the Terminator] Am I right?

T-850: Affirmative.

Alice: Why are you here?

[but before the T-850 can answer, he notices his lower flesh is burning]

T-850: I require a cutting tool.

Blackie: Oh sure. [takes out his butterfly knife and hands it to him]

T-850: [starts cutting]

John Reid: What is it?

T-850: I am powered by 2 hydrogen fuel cells. My primary cell was damaged back from the chase. [cuts off put of his skin]

Human Rarity: Ew!

Peter: [covers his mouth] I'm gonna puke! 

T-850: To answer Alice Dainard's question, I was sent here to help you guys destroy Cemetury Wind, TBC industries, and stop the villains, and team Galactic's new project, and Sentinel Prime from bringing Cybertron to Earth. [opens his fuel cell holder]

Sam: Sentinel Prime? That's imposssible, he can't be here!

Brian: Yeah! We killed him years ago! Not to mention we destroyed his pillars. I was there!

T-850: Yes, but Starsmoke and a few other Deceptitrains brought him back. And then they built him some new pillars. [takes out his first cell]

Shining Armor: You've got to be kidding us!

T-850: No, I am not kidding you. [throws his cell away]

Twilight: [gasp] Take cover!

[some our heroes get behind a rock and cover their ears]

Nyx: What's wrong with them?

[the cell then starts to glow bright orange and then starts shaking]


Human Rainbow: JEEZ!!

Human Applejack: WHOA NELLY!!

Human Fluttershy: AAH!

Human Rarity: GOOD HEAVANS!!

Carl: AAH! IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! [jumps behind another rock]

Dile: [growls]


T-850: When ruptured, the fuel cells become unstable.

Human Rainbow: No kidding! It blew up like a mini nuclear bomb! Except without the radiation after effect.

T-850: That's right.

Thomas: [notices Vinny isn't with the group] Where's Vinny?

Percy: And the Princesses?

Brian: The Princesses are gone, they stayed behind to fight someone trying to abush us. As for Vinny, he's dead. He got road killed by a dog murderer!

Human Fluttershy: Oh, no. [hugs him as he cries]

Human Rarity: What did you do to him?

Brian: I killed him.

Human Rainbow: That's great, now he won't kill anymore dogs!

Brian: I know but it won't change anything. Vinny's gone. He saved my life. It would've been me that was run over.

Zoe Trent: But where could the Princesses be?

Pepper Clark: I don't know, but they aren't the only ones missing, Mitzi's gone too.

Human Rarity: Mitzi's gone?

Blythe Baxter: Yeah, her owners called me eariler and told me she was missing.

Human Rarity: Oh, no!

Pepper Clark: You're telling me, if something bad happens to her, I don't know what'll I'll do! [chews her tail]

Whiffle: Don't worry, Pepper. I'm sure we'll find her.

Zoe Trent: Yeah, and if I were you, I wouldn't worry so much about it, you'll only give yourself a furball.

Pepper Clark: [stops chewing her tail and spits out 2 hairballs] Ah, great! Now I gotta worry about furballs on top of everything else!

Scoop: Wait a minute, (to the T-850) What project are you talking about?

T-850: Something bad.

[we then notice the Predator standing on a high rock watching our heroes]

Brian: [in body heat] (to the T-850) Where is this "TBC Industries"?

T-850: [in body heat] The TBC Industries' main location is in the main heart of Manehatten.

Thomas: [in body heat] We must head there at once.

Percy: [in body heat] But we shouldn't take the main line, those crazy soldiers might have it guarded.

Rainbow: [in body heat] So how are we suppose to get to Manehatten if we can't even use the main line?

King Solar Flare: Wait! There might be another way there.

Lady: [regaining her strenght] How?

King Solar Flare: Back when Equestria was expanding, there was a railway line that went through desert plains and hugh mountains that lead to Manehatten, but years later, the mainline was constructed to save more time. But the other might still be there.

Lady: I see. Like my railroad.

Thomas: Alright, for this day forth, we will not stop until Cemetery Wind, Harold Anttinger, Sentinel Prime are taken down!

Mucker: Let's get going, and we have plenty trucks full of ammunition and other fighting equipmnt for this battle!

[They couple to the trucks and set off]

[they are now puffing down the line]

[the Predator then leaves]