This is how Meeting up with the Toa and Battling the Lord of Skull Spiders goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Bionicle.

[We see a city]

Narrator: Near the heart of Okoto layed the ancient city of the Mask Makers. Who knew what secret dangers waited inside?

[We see our heroes together]

Narrator: The heroes have arrived. Destined to go on the same quest, they saw each other for the first time.

[Ryan and Tahu arrive]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello. I am Ryan. The Prime-Prince of Friendship.

Tahu: And I am Tahu, Master of Fire. The prophecy has brought us together under my command.

Ryan F-Freeman: And I know that I am Prime.

Kopaka: Your command? Did your brain catch fire? I am Kopaka. And I work under no command. [to Ryan] You a Prime? Did you know that title? The Primes with you are Optimus and OpThomas Prime.

[Ryan's eyes glow green and fights Kopaka]

Aryan: Stop it, you idiots!

Gali: You tell them, partner.

Rainbow Dash: Looks like Ryan is a siren.

[Onua grabs Ryan and Kopaka]

Onua: [laughs] Don't fight.

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry. I know that you know me... Mr...

Onua: Onua. The Master of Earth.

Tahu: We still need a leader.

Gali: We'll have a vote than.

Rainbow Dash: Who do you think should be the leader, Lewa?

Lewa: I vote for Onua. He knows how to grab attention. [laughs]

Pinkie Pie: I think Ryan Tokisaki will be leader. He knows how to handle ladies.

Pohatu: Quiet. We've got company.

Rarity: What?

Crash Bandicoot: Huh?

[They see something]

Tahu: What is that thing?

[The Lord of Skull Spiders arrives and lets out a roar]

Pohatu: The Lord of Skull Spiders. We can't outrun him.

Rarity: What now?

Evil Ryan: I'll swat this bug.

[Evil Ryan pulls out his lightsabers and charges, but the Lord of Skull Spiders kicks Evil Ryan]

Kopaka: Don't worry. I can freeze this bug on my own.

Fluttershy: Let Bertram exterminate it.

Lewa: You're too slow, Kopaka.

Pinkie Pie: And you are floaty Lewa.

[Bertram fires his Dalek Guns at the Lord of Skull Spiders but he webs Bertram]

[Lewa charges, but Gali brings out her weapon]

Gali: I'll flush it away.

Rainbow Dash: You go girl!

[The Lord of Skull Spiders sees Gali coming and fires webbing at Gali, entangling her]

[Tahu, Kopaka, Fluttershy, Onua, and Applejack charge, but Pohatu and Rarity jump in front of them]

[Lord of Skull Spider pushes them away]

Tahu: Make way for the Master of Fire!

[Tahu and the Lord of Skull Spiders clash and the Lord of Skull Spiders knocks him away]

Onua: We must work together.

Applejack: And do it now.

[The Lord of Skull Spiders growls]

[Ryan growls like Mater]

Narrator: The heroes stood side by side. And then, the heroes attacked as one.

Ryan F-Freeman: CHARGE!!!

[Kopaka runs at the Lord of Skull Spiders and it webs his shield. Crash jumps and hits him with his Keyblade followed by boomerangs and finished with Matau smash a bit of rock]

Bertram T. Monkey: Bottom floor, death. Ding!

[The Lord of Skull Spiders falls down, surviving the fall]

Gali: Now!

Rainbow Dash: Matau!

[Onua and Matau use thier powers and a rock falls. The Lord of Skull Spiders sees it and jumps out of the way and retreats]

Narrator: The Lord of Skull Spiders had been defeated.

[They see a city]

Pohatu: I wonder what used to be here.

Rarity: Us too.

Ryan F-Freeman: If Cody knows it, we can go for it. Right, Tahu?

Tahu: Quiet. I'm hearing that voice again.

Ryan F-Freeman: Me too. It must be the Mask of Creation.


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