Meg Griffin
Megantron 'Meg' Griffin
is the eldest child and only daughter of the Griffin Family on Family Guy. She gets treated unfairly for her looks, especially by her own father. In the pilot episode, she was voiced by Rachel MacFarlane. During the rest of Season 1, she was voiced by Tara Strong. Now, since Season 2, she's voiced by actress Mila Kunis.


  • She will join the Monster High crew on their adventures, and guest star on a few of Barney's adventures as well.
  • Meg is a girlfriend of Matthew Wallace (an OC made by Toonwriter).
  • It's reavealed in the episode "A Fistful of Meg" that Meg's birth name was "Megatron Griffin". Peter changed it because he thought it sounded cooler.
  • Meg is a girlfriend of Ryan F-Freeman.


Meg Griffin in her Derek outfit

Meg in her Derek outfit

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