Megabug is the male version of Antibug and the akumatized alter-ego of Megatron (TFP).


Megabug was created when Ladyan lets Megatron down


Megabug looks like Megatron but, wears a Ladyan mask and outfit with the colours inverted.

Relationship with Antibug





  • Mwah. Your time is up, Ladyan.
  • Aren't you tired playing second fiddle to Ladyan?
  • You and Ladybug are hearing this, Lady-jerk! If you want Cat Noir and Kitty Noir alive again, you must give me and Antibug the Matrix and your Miraculouses. If you don't, have a good look at them because it's the last you'll see of them! We are counting to ten. One!
  • Five!
  • Huh? Ladyan...
  • Where did Cat Noir go?
  • Bad kitty! Let me give you your leash!
  • Anti-charm!
  • Ladyan, Meet my Minicons:

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