Megabug is the male version of Antibug and the akumatized alter-ego of Megatron (TFP).


Megabug was created when Ladyan lets Megatron down when he tried to help him and Ladybug when dealing with Vanisher and Invisald. Ryan Repulsa senses Megatron's anger and sends out an Akuma to akumatize him and make him his and Hawk Moth's follower. The Akuma lands on Megatron's Ladyan braclet and Ryan Repulsa communicated with him through a butterfly frame around his eyes.


Megabug looks like Megatron but, wears a Ladyan mask and outfit with the colours inverted.

Relationship with Antibug


His personality is a combo of Antibug's and


His powers are like Antibug's powers and Ladyan's with a Keyblade Including enhanced agility and strength. Like Antibug, Megabug has his own yo-yo, which he perfers to use offensively. Also, like Ladyan and Ladybug having Lucky Charm, Megabug has his own special superpower called "Anti-Charm"



  • [] You can count me in, Ryan Repulsa. There will only be one hero in Paris.
  • Mwah. Your time is up, Ladyan.
  • Aren't you tired playing second fiddle to Ladyan?
  • You and Ladybug are hearing this, Lady-jerk! If you want Cat Noir and Kitty Noir alive again, you must give me and Antibug the Matrix and your Miraculouses. If you don't, have a good look at them because it's the last you'll see of them! We are counting to ten. One!
  • [with Antibug] Three!
  • Five!
  • Huh? Ladyan...
  • Where did Cat Noir go?
  • Bad kitty! Let me give you your leash!
  • Anti-charm!
  • Ladyan, Meet my Minicons: Clamshot and Valt-Tri-Edge.