The Mega Rangers, or the Megaforce Rangers make up the Power Rangers Megaforce. They are five teenagers with attitude that Gosei recruits to battle hordes of new villains threatening Earth. When the Armada invades, the Rangers become Super Mega Rangers. In their battles they are later joined by the mechanical Robo Knight and much later still by the humanoid alien Orion.

With the incoming invasion of The Armada, the rangers gain access to their Legendary Powers to become the Super Mega Rangers, or the Super Megaforce Rangers.

Color Role
(Super) Megaforce Red Troy Burrows
(Super) Megaforce Pink Emma Goodall
Megaforce Black / Super Megaforce Green
Jake Holling
(Super) Megaforce Yellow Gia Moran
(Super) Megaforce Blue Noah Carver
Robo Knight Robo Knight
Super Megaforce Silver Orion

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