Megan Simms is a recurring character in Sora's Adventures. Megan seems to be a cheerful, sweet and a polite girl most of the time, but when she doesn't get something her way she will say "Do it" demangingly thus causing that person to do what she wants them to do. She freaks out Team Austin, but mostly Dez. She is an awesome person, and is really fun, too.

P&P FE-30-

Megan Simms


She's 10 years old.

She's Cheetah Beat's strongest reporter.

She Admires Ally, Sora, Goofy and The Jungle Book Vultures.

She Swear a Lot of Hats.

She Have one Crush on Donald, But Due to Donald Duck's Dismay (He Says I Don't Have Feelings for Younger Girls at Your Age).

Her First Appearnce on Sora's Adventures was Sora's Anniversary Adventure, But Her Comeback Appearnce is Sora's Adventures in Rescue the Muppets.

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