Megatrain (later Galvatrain) is a main villain from the Trains-Formers video series made by James Farr. He is a parody of Spencer from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and Megatron/Galvatron from Transformers.

Megatrain, the Leader of the Deceptitrains


Role in Trains-Formers

Megatrain is first mentioned when the Trouble Tron tells Thomas and Vector that Spencer has gone beserk and transformed into Megatrain. Thomas transforms into Opthomas Prime and confronts him. Megatrain attempts to hit Opthomas Prime with flame blasts from his cannon, but Opthomas manages to avoid them, and he then uses his water cannon to put out Megatrain's fire in his firebox, causing him to collapse and be defeated.

Role in Trains-Formers 2OOT

In Trains-Formers 2OOT, Megatrain escapes from imprisonment and wreaks havoc in the Smelter's Yard. When Opthomas Prime confronts him again, Megatrain says that he is now Galvatrain, before hitting Opthomas with a laser beam, weakening him. Opthomas calls for help, and soon Percy, James, Gordon and Henry combine with him, becoming Opthomas Supreme, a robot much bigger than Galvatrain. Supreme then stomped on Galvatrain, crushing him. They then defeated Galvatrain's accomplise, Unicrane.



Megatrain is an evil clone of Spencer and a super powerful Deceptitrain and the leader of all Deceptitrains. Thousands of years ago, the original Transformers landed on Earth. All of them were Primes, and they spawned the race known as transformers. Yet one of the Primes now known as The Fallen defied an important rule, and ignored the value of life beside his, thus creating the war of the transformers. The Fallen and his corrupted followers were known as the Decepticons, while the remaining Primes became Autobots. But there were some Primes known as Train-Primes, who lead the Trainbots. The Train-Primes had folowed the rule of the Primes but Megatrain hated this rule. He was on amission to start up a machine that would bring back his army of Deceptitrains from the dead. He was very powerful though, and he was a highly skilled fighter. He slaughtered all Primes except one, who was still to be yet discovered and then he sent his best soldier, Hunter to go and find any more Train-Primes and terminate them and to terminate all who side with them.

He returned to Cybertron and made a deal with Megatron, when he returned to Earth he intended to find the machine. But Stuingtion's Engines helped the Autobots and Trainbots defeat him. But years later, Megatrain had resurrected Tirek so he could steal energy and Hunter became fast friends with the centaur. But when Hunter left to find any remaining Train-Primes, Tirek betrayed Megatrain and stole his arc [which gave Tirek his ability to steal magic] then he put Megatrain in the prison of the Deceptitrains. Then when Tirek returned to Equestria, he discovered that Megatrain's machine was in one of the mountains of Equestria, but he was sent to Tartarus. Then when he returned again, he gained enough energy to be a god. But the Mane 6 defeated him and sent him back to Tartarus.

In Thomas' Place as a Prime

Years later, Tirek returned seeking revenge and intending to start the machine up and use Megatrain's army of Deceptitrains for his own purpose, but found out that he needed the Matrix of Leadership in order to start it up. Optimus gave the Matrix to Thomas who had become a Prime himself, to prevent Tirek from succeeding along with the Blue Ruby and the Black Pearl. When Tirek had arrived in Canterlot looking for the Matrix he was denied to find out that it is only in posession of a Prime not the Princesses. When he come to Optimuys and found out that he didn't have the Matrix, he froze him into an ice statue. Then found out Thomas had the Matrix, the Princesses raced to Thomas and warned him. But Tirek had followed and demanded Thomas to give him the Matrix. Blue Ruby, and Black Pearl. And if he did, he'd let him live to be his own train. But being loyal to Optimus, Thomas denied. In which Tirek blasted him, seemingly vaporizing him. But he inatvertinally activated a spell that brought Megatrain back. Megatrain was pleased to be free but then he took his fusion, plasma cannoin and vaporized Tirek completely for betraying him. When Tirek was killed pernamentally, Megatrain took back his Arc and got his energy back. Then he flew for his machine, and our heroes greived about Thomas being gone but SpongeBob found him perfectally unharmed. The Matrix, Blue Ruby, and Black Pearl had made a force-feild over him. Then the other Trains-Primes temperally showed up and told Thomas that being the last Train-Prime was his destiny. Then the Matrix, Blue Ruby, and Black Pearl's power fused into one and turn Thomas and his friends into Trainbots, then they combined into a huge robot OpThomas Prime Supreme and flew for Megatrain. Once Megatrain started up his machine OpThomas Prime Supreme had flew up and destroyed the machine, then had a huge battle with Megatrain and killed him.

In Revenge of The Ultratron

Years later, The Ultratron sends some of the Construct-a-Trains to go into the sea and resurrect Megatrain.

Main Weaponry

Megatrain form

  • Fusion shotgun
  • Huge viking-like sword
  • Implanted unstable Black Lightsaber

Galvatrain Form


  • Megatrain makes his appearance in Thomas' Place as a Prime.
  • Megatrain/Galvatrain is voiced by Geoff Edwards in both Trains-Formers and Trains-Formers 2OOT.
  • When he becomes Galvatrain, Megatrain has several modifications to his body.


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