This is where the constructitrains resurrect Megatrin in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[we now are at sea and we come up to a cargo ship]

[on deck we veiw some construction equipment and vehicles]

Constructitrain #1: Let's move.

[the vehicles then transform and jump into the sea]

[they all swim down to the ocean floor and see the corpse of Megatrain]

Tiny Deceptitrain: He needs parts. Kill the little one!

[the Constructitrains then rip apart a front loader one and then give the parts to tiny Deceptitrain]

[they then repair Megatrain with the parts, giving him a stronger and bigger form]

Deceptitrain: Rise, my lord! [jams the Alspark shard into Megatrain's chest and the great Deceptitrain springs to life]

Megatrain: [flies out of the ocean and into space to who knows where]

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