This is where Megatrain reunites with the Ultratron and some of the remaining Deceptitrains in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[we return with Megatrain, and he flies into a Deceptitrain ship and transforms]

Megatrain: Track-Arachnis, I'm back.

Track-Archins: My master. I knew you would return.

Megatrain: You left me, imprisoned on that planet.

Track-Archins: But it was not my fault. The Ultratron had knew about your absence. Starsmoke had to take command.

Megatrain: [kicks her in rage, and chokes her on the wall] So disappointing.

Track-Archins: [choking] Hatchlings! Hatchlings! Careful, fragile!

Megatrain: You should give me some respect, for my arrival. [releases her]

Track-Archins: [catching her breath]

[Megatrain then enters the throne room and there is the Ultratron]

Megatron: Ultratron, my master. I have failed you. The Alspark has been destroyed. Without it, we will parish.

Ultratron: You have much to learn, my apprentice. It can never be destroyed. It can only transform.

Megatrain: How is it possible?

Ultratron: It's been adsorbed by the alicorn foal, Nyx Sparkle. The key to our race's survival now lays within her mind.

Megatrain: Well let me strip to very flesh and feathers from her!

Ultratron: You will, in time, my apprentice. For years, I dreamed of my return to that wretched planet. Where I was betrayed by my so-called "Brothers." Only a Train-Prime can defeat me. And one is currently alive and he is the father of Nyx.

Megatrain: OpThomas! He protects her.

Ultratron: Then the foal will lead us to him. And revenge will be ours.

Megatrain: Yes.

Track-Archins: We cannot the foal hide that shard, or the hatchlings will keep dying.

Ultratron: But first I need you to contact some of their enemies

Megatrain: Who are they?

Ultratron: An evil genius with the big head, and a draconsequus who's in love with a changeling and their children.

Megatrain: Yes, my master.

Track-Archins: [activates a transmitter]

[the screen then shows the Changeling throne room, and Queen Chrysalis is sitting on the throne with Discord]

Queen Chrysalis: Ultratron.

Ultratron: Queen Chrysalis, I suppose.

Queen Chrysalis: That is correct, oh great one.

Megatrain: [walks up to see the beings on the screen] Impressive, in all my life I have never seen anything you you before. Tirek may of been one thing but this. Is amazing

Queen Chrysalis: Megatrain, I presume.

Megatrain: Yes.

Queen Chrysalis: I'm Queen Chrysalis. But call me "Chrysalis".

Discord: I am Discord, spirit of chaos and disharmony. And a rare draconsequus.

Megatrain: I've heard them. But my master mentioned a faceless engine and a an evil genius and children. I don't see any of that.

Princess Chaos: [comes into veiw] Hello, I am Princess Chaos.

Discsalis: [shoves her out of the way and comes to view] And I am Discsalis.

Discord: Disc!

Discsalis: Sorry.

Princess Chaos: Jerk! [pushes him]

Evil Jimmy: I'm Evil Jimmy.

Megatrain: Lord Megatrain.

Track-Archins: Track-Archnis.

Queen Chrysalis: Nice to meet ya.

Megatrain: I'm sure my master has told about Nyx having info that could lead us to an Energon source.

Queen Chrysalis: Yes, he has mentioned it.

Megatrain: Can you help us to obtain that foal?

Queen Chrysalis: Taken care of. I've sent my captain and a few of my Changlings.

Megatrain: Good.

Discord: Yes.

Queen Chrysalis: [to Chaos] And as for you, young lady. If I see you try to eat young Skyla's heart, your flank talks to the hoof. [shows it]

Princess Chaos: [gulps] Yes, mother.

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