This is how Megatron's decision goes in Darkness Rising Part 3.

[Starscream stares at the now purple-eyed Megatron]

Starscream: Master. Are you alright?

Megatron: It's as if the blood of Unicron the Destroyer flows through my veins. As if I hear his very thoughts. I now know what I must do.

[Megatron grabs a shard of Dark Energon from the meteor]

Starscream: And what can I do to assist you, Master?

Megatron: Stop groveling and await my command.

[Megatron transforms and flies away]

Starscream: Soundwave, I fear that when our master reached for the stars he came down with a touch of space madness. Lord Megatron has not sound on his judgment since his return. Increase global surveillance.

Soundwave: (with Megatron's voice) Stop groveling and await my command.

Starscream: [annoyed] I'm not deaf. But if Optimus Prime lives, I believe it is in Lord Megatron's best interest that we ensure his enemies destruction.


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