This is how Megatron and Dreadwing find Starscream and his minions on the Nemesis goes in Inside Job.

[On the Nemesis, Knock Out is still jammed in the wall]

Knock Out: I beg you, my liege, release me from this absurd predicament!

Megatron: No! You shall serve as a constant reminder to those who dare fail me.

[Megatron and Dreadwing leave]

[They enter the bridge]

Megatron: I cannot allow Optimus Prime to be the one to revive Cybertron. We will locate the Autobot base, invade it, and retrieve the Omega keys.

Starscream: Been there, done that.

[They look around]

[Megatron looks up and sees Starscream and his minions]

Starscream: Please pardon our unannounced visit, Lord Megatron.

Nightmare Moon: We may not be welcome.

Tirek: But we have something to show you.

Adagio Dazzle: Something even you couldn't retrieve.

Aria Blaze: That's right.

Sonata Dusk: No need for invasion.

Tempest Shadow: Yeah.

Queen Chrysalis: We've got what you want.

King Sombra: Exactly.

[Dreadwing prepares to attack when Megatron stops him]

Starscream: But we have come bearing a peace offering.

Nightmare Moon: The Omega Keys.

Tirek: Ones you've been after.

Adagio Dazzle: We've collected all four.

Aria Blaze: Just like you wanted.

Sonata Dusk: And we will do well.

Tempest Shadow: If you give us one opportunity.

Queen Chrysalis: That's right.

King Sombra: Let us explain.

[Starscream presents the keys and the episode ends]

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