This is how Megatron and Starscream talk goes in Shadowzone.

[Starscream lies in the Nemesis lab, severely injured after what happened with Megatron. Megatron enters and his optics snap open]

Megatron: Resting comfortably, Starscream? Despite the extent of your injuries, my medical staff assures me that you shall make a rapid recovery.

Starscream: Hopefully every bit as rapid as your wrath is swift. [coughs]

Megatron: And how swiftly things change. To think that a short time ago it was you who was standing here while I was lying there. Right after your failed attempt to terminate me. But know this dear Starscream. Our postions shall never again be reversed.

[Megatron leaves and Starscream rips himself free of the cables. Outside, Knock Out is standing the hall when Starscream walks out]

Knock Out: Starscream? Have you lost your senses? You haven't fully recuperated.

Starscream: I feel fine, Knock Out. Never better. You are a brilliant physician now get out of my way!

[Starscream pushes Knock Out aside before heading off]

Starscream: Ah, Dark Energon may have replenished your strength, master. But how could you forget that you never reclaimed your original shard? Once the blood of Unicron flows through my veins, our positions shall be reversed.

[Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic theme plays]

[theme ends]

[At the Autobot base, Ratchet looks at the computer screens]

Ratchet: I had hoped that my growing expertise on the subject would remain purely academic, but though faint, this is clearly a Dark Energon signature, and it's moving fast.

Optimus Prime: Megatron.

Bulkhead: Where'd he find more of the bad stuff? And what's he gonna do with it, recruit a new army of the undead?

Applejack: Zombiecons?

Optimus Prime: We cannot rule out the possibility, especially since Megatron seems to be heading to a familiar site.

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