This is how Megatron infects Rarity with Dark Energon goes in One Shall Fall.

[We see Bumblebee and Rarity in the desert]

Megatron: Optimus and Twilight.

Optimus Prime: Megatron, do you not see the folly in trying to force a prophecy to fruition?

Twilight Sparkle: You need to stop this.

Megatron: Why leave matters to fate if one can forge one's own destiny? Ah, speaking of fate.

[Bumblebee arrives holding the infected Rarity. Optimus and Twilight look at him. Rarity moans as Arcee looks at her]

Arcee: Rarity! She's breathing. Barely.

Rainbow Dash: Hang in there, girl.

Megatron: [laughs] It would seem I swatted a Bee and squashed a bug.

[Bumblebee gets angry and prepares to shoot Megatron when Bulkhead grabs him]

Bulkhead: Bee, no!

Applejack: Don't do it, you'll hurt Rarity!

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