This is how Megatron threatens Orion and Nightfall goes in Orion Pax and Nightfall Twinkle Part 3.

Megatron: Orion and Nightfall! Have you made progess with Project Iacon?

Orion Pax: It seems we are a bit rustier than we thought.

Nightfall Twinkle: Yeah.

Megatron: Might that have anything to do with the nature of your after-hours research? Did I fail to mention that we will be tracking your activities?

Orion Pax: Why does history portray us siding with the Autobot and Pony aggressors? And why did Starscream call me and Nightfall a Prime and Princess? I must know! Who are we?

Nightfall Twinkle: Uh... Yeah. What he said.

Megatron: You are my clerks. Now get back to work and decode that database.

Orion Pax: No. I would rather erase our findings than make them available for your questionable use.

Nightfall Twinkle: Yeah.

[Orion erases the findings and prepares to leave with Nightfall, but Megatron turns it back on]

Megatron: Did you really think that we wouldn't be tracking and documenting every iota of your invaluable research?

[Soundwave enters and

Megatron: One of our sentries was activated on Cybertron?

Orion Pax: You told us our planet was dead.

Nightfall Twinkle: Yeah.

Megatron: That is beside the point. Guards! You will finish Project Iacon by the time I return or I will carve out your spark and heart before your very eyes!

[Megatron leaves them to ponder]

Megatron: The activity log indicates my Space Bridge was set for Cybertron and remains open? The only possible reason the Autobots would take such a risk would be to restore their precious Optimus Prime and Princess Twilight Sparkle.

[Soundwave nods]


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