Mei Kusakabe is a 5-year old little girl like their age of souske and ponyo, she is satsuki's sweet little sister. Mei looked inside of the house they moved in and saw the black little dust bunnies all over the place, And Mei chase the little totoro and the blue totoro and in the tree she saws a big totoro fall fast asleep in the shelter. But mei is very upset when their mom is not well and she get the corn to the shichikoku yama hospital and satsuki founds mei in the shrine. Mei will joins with her sister satsuki for the mermaid princesses and given the sapphire locket by aqua regina.


  • Mei is satsuki's little sister, and she is the same age as ponyo and souske.
  • Mei shares like Power Rangers (Super Sentai) a name as Lithia Tribe Princess Mei/PteraRanger (Kimberly Ann Hart/Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger) and other pink team.
  • Mei's voice is chika sakamoto shares with Putt-Putt and Agumon by the japanese version.
  • Mei's Theme color is Corn-flower blue and her sub color is Navy.

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