This is a scene where we see Mephistomon the enemy of Takato and his friends is revived in War of the Apocalypse.

(We cut the scene to see Myotismon's castle, we see the Decepticons, Dark Masters and Myotismon are here in the room)

Myotismon: It is time to revive one of the DigiDestined's enemies.

Starscream: So who is the DigiDestined's enemies?

Myotismon: His name is Mephistomon. He's an evil Digimon who wants to destroy the Human world along with Omnimon.

Piedmon: Oh yes. Mephistomon I remember him.

Puppetmon: Me, too.

MetalSeadramon: So how will you revive him?

Myotismon: Easy I'm gonna use the cauldron and make him come back.

Megatron: Well show us.

Myotismon: Sure thing, time to use a magic spell to resurrect him.

Barricade: Do it.

(Myotismon then uses the cauldron to make dark magic spell)

Myotismon: Mephistomon! I command you to rise from the dead!

(The beam of darkness rise up out of the cauldron and then an evil laugh was Mephistomon is now revived)

Mephistomon: Yes! I'm back!

Megatron: So that's him.

Mephistomon: I thank you for reviving me Myotismon.

Myotismon: You are very welcome my friend.

Piedmon: Mephistomon.

Machinedramon: He's back and ready to take revenge on the DigiDestined.

Piedmon: Indeed.

Puppetmon: Let's have some fun!

Myotismon: So we can squash these heroes like a pancake.

Megatron: Then we'll take over the planet at last.

Piedmon: And there is nobody to stop us!

(The villain makes the evil laughs)

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