aka Derrick Carlton

  • I live in Chico
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is Voice acting and making the wikia movies
  • I am I am a movie maker
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  • Will you add another Franklin’s Adventures transcript before Christmas please? And when is the Franklin music video I requested coming up?

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  • Did you think you could make and put in pictures of Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse and Elizabeth the Emotional Pig on their pages?

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  • I don't usually send messages on Deviantart for some reason. So is there a chance you could ask Yakko Warner if there will be any changes for the fresh Yogi Bear's Adventures Series, as well as the members of the YBA team in his version?

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  • Will you try and do a music video featuring Franklin and his friends (using footage from the original series) in November please?

    Plus, where will I be able to speak to YakkoWarner about the fresh start to the Yogi Bear's Adventure Series? I mean, if there's nowhere else will it have to be Deviantart?

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  • When will your versions of Not Just Cartoons We're Nicktoons, The Monorail Song and Children in Need Medley be up? Also, can you do these videos too:

    • Franklin tells the Queen of Hearts to drop it please? You know, where Franklin and his class are on the bus in Franklin's Soccer Field Folly, then the Queen of Hearts makes Franklin mad and he yells so loudly back at her that the whole class look at him in shock. Then Franklin is left at a loss for words and the Queen just shakes her head suspiciously
    • A video called 'In Loving Memory Of 'someone'' even featuring a few clips from Franklin, including Franklin crying from Finders Keepers for Franklin, Badger gasping from Franklin and the Broken Globe, Beaver sniffing from Franklin and the Puppet Play, Skunk crying from Franklin's Party Plans and Raccoon moaning from Franklin Figure Skates.
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  • You wanna help me with Connor Lacey vs. The Mummy/Transcript?

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  • Will you please try and do more on the Franklin's Adventures series transcripts soon?

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    • Yes. And I have something else to say to you too. I have the seizures. I will tell you what happened.

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    • When I was 16, my mom, Ashley and I got back from Cayman Islands to Florida. That night, while I slept at the hotel, the spirit casted spell on my brain. I was fearing that I was going back to school. I had to get my good grades up, because I hate Fs. I needed to work harder in the classes in Burney High School until I was graduated from the high school in 2010. My mom told me that it might take me years to graduate from the college. I will be getting the good grades in the classes. My dad told me to take Math, English and Reading classes. Ashley and I kept figuring out what classes I would take and if we do, I don't know when to graduate. I felt that I am stuck in Chico and it's seeming like forever. I will just find the job. Like in Monsters University, Mike and Sully were discharged from the college and find the jobs to become the scarer in Monsters Inc. I felt despair and fearful. But I fight the fear and stop it from stopping me and controlling me. I pray God to save the world. When I first entered Wikipedia on my computer, I discovered Germany and then the other countries and I believe it. I was curious a lot, I knew. When I looked at an Indian with a turban on his head, I realized that Mom was right after all. We're all different in the world. The people are different, everyone's different, I am different. I watched the clips, the Movietone News and the 70th anniversary of World War II (2011-2015) for the four years. I say to myself, "I will honor United Nations in my heart and keep them live in harmony forever. I live in the past, and the present and the future and the spirits of friendship shall be in my heart." It taught me to live in harmony forever by reaching my dreams and fraternising with the nations. Like in A Christmas Carol, Scrooge learned his own lessons from the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. In The Prince of Egypt, Moses shouted to Ramesses, "Let my people go!" He freed the Jews from the slavery. I have to be like Moses, Abraham and Abraham Lincoln. Abraham, in the Bible, was the Father of the Nations. Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States and he freed the African-Americans. I feel like the Second Father of the Nations. In The Lion King, Simba got the past behind him and was getting his future back. After the death of Scar, he took his place as the great king. I am growing wiser. When my dad told me to do what he asks, I felt like Simba. Sometimes I feel faint and sometimes I feel worried. God says to me, "You're cursed!" One day, I thought to myself, "What if the people turn on me?" I was beginning to cry. I pray God to save me from being a sin. I also pray him to save me from the fear. When I breathed, I felt that I am cursed. My breath sounded hate. My breath and whispering are sounding ugly with the word hate. But I don't want to hate everybody, everything and everywhere. And when I moved my body, I felt that my blood boiled inside my skin and I am cursed too. The responsibility checklist, consequences and punishment are the fears to me. They gave me the nightmares. They give me an anger. The bad luck occurs all around me. Like refusing the great things, but I can't refuse them. I cannot. And something else is like the people with the angry faces inside my head shouting at me and the little children's crying. And there was the misunderstanding people inside my mind. Angry faces scare me. The seizure forbids me to say everything and to talk. The seizure forbids me falsely. I hate being forbidden. At any rate, I don't deserve to be bad. I hate becoming the devil. I hate hell. I hate going to hell. I am sick of hell. Except heaven, for I want to go there. Uncle James gave me the chance to become a citizen of Heaven and I have to keep it forever. I hate canceling it. But Ashley told me that I am not cursed or a bad luck. She also said that I am not corrupted or bad or mean. She says that I am a good man and am loved. I told Uncle James that the pieces of the thoughts were shaking lose and when I still move my body a second time, I felt it was shaking too like a huge earthquake. It is also like twisting the time. Things of my thoughts are my great dreams. I am ugly and as deformed as the Elephant Man. My brain is ugly too. The Elephant Man was named John Merrick. I had the seizures in 2013-2017 and the seizure is a curse. I felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I also felt like a ugly beast on the inside. Anytime, I become this. My friend, Marie Wallace and Ashley are just like the beauty taming the beast. When I was with Ashley, she is so much like Belle, Ariel and Anna. She chins me up. When I listen to the music, I imagine the family and friends basing on us in the past and the future. I also imagine the happy endings. The happy ending makes me cry. It was the tears for joy. I was crying about the children. When I looked outside, I was listening to the child screaming for joy. The children are nice and happy. They will meet me soon. When I watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sometimes, I imagine the future. The thoughts of my future is that the children around the world will buy the toys with the tickets, to the premiere of the movie of my creation, inside the boxes, so they will learn first thing about friendship. The guy from the oil medicine shop, The Queen of Dragon told me that autism and my brain are unique. I have to be kind and gentle to all the people around the world. And the children too. And even the animals. I'm a Peacekeeper and an Anti-War. My grandparents would never separate each other like this. My mom went to Chico and separated my dad. I don't like the separation. I have to keep my chance of coming together forever forevermore. The people will be my people. I told Ashley that I have my hopes of seeing the German, French, Italian, Russian and European and Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian and Asian in America and meeting him or her. Megumi is the first one I've ever met. She is Todd's wife. Todd is my friend from Mains'l. He gave the Japanese lesson program. Ashley told me to be a friend and also a host in the house. She also told me to take the shower and brush my teeth and look handsome. All the time I have been meaning to think about having the Japanese-American girlfriend when I will soon fall in love. We will be just like Todd and Megumi. It is like Come See the Paradise. I will find the job as I say after I will move to San Francisco. Like in Inside Out, Riley and her parents moved to San Francisco. I will make friends in Chinatown, Japantown and Little Italy. When I watched the scene from The Zookeeper's Wife, the scene of Antonina Żabiński taking care of the Jews taught me how to help the nations. That makes me a hero to them. And a Miracle too. Ashley thinks so. I felt like the Secretary General and President of the United Nations. I also felt like Son of Jesus. I don't like some of the mean people who order the children to pay attention. I don't like bullies. I don't like being blocked. I don't care what they'll do to me in the present nor future. The schoolmates came to help me and cared about me because of loneliness. When I see you, you are just like Dr. Fredrick Treves. He was the close friend of John Merrick. He had been kind to him. I wish to stay alive. I have to tell the world about the Peacekeeper Bears, except San Francisco, for I have told it about them already. Once the curse is broken, I will be free from the seizures the way I was free from my mom. She drank a lot of beer and put me into the danger. Ashley was angry at her and took her place. I will go to Disneyland soon when I have been calmed and stabled. I might have to give the painting to it and the chairman of Disney named Bob Iger. I will tell the Disney Studio about the Peacekeeper Bears and to make the film about them. I have to make the world a better place. My only chance to make my good dreams come true is to work hard at my job and earn money by painting things and sell some of the paintings. Loving the world and Nations who I will meet, telling the people and the children about the Peacekeeper Bears, and then Disney Studio about them and to make the animation film about them and making my dreams come true and the friendship are not what I feared of. They're what I want to be happy.

      (Beginning to cry) Please don't be mad at me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Before Christmas, could you do these video for YouTube:

    • Boo Boo Baba Dee Dee (Derrick Carlton version)
    • Not Just Cartoons We're Nicktoons (Derrick Carlton version; using Franklin as SpongeBob, Bear as Patrick, Goose as Sandy and Fox as Squidward)
    • The Monorail Song (Derrick Carlton version; featuring the characters from Franklin, Babar and Little Bear please)
    • BBC Children in Need Medley (Derrick Carlton; same characters as the Monorail Song)
    • Franklin the Turtle's Adventures Season 1 intro
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  • Is there a chance you could do the Franklin's Adventures Season 1 intro before or at the weekend if it's possible?

    Also, can you do a few movie spoof cast videos, music videos and 'In Loving Memory Of...' videos feautring the Franklin footage please before or during next week?

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  • Will you try and do Franklin's Adventures of Toy Story very very soon?

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