This is how Metroplex Heeds the Call goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

[Starscream, Onslaught, and Brawl bring in Optimus Prime and Twilight]

Starscream: Megatron, look who we found.

Megatron: Optimus Prime and Princess Twilight Sparkle. That is what they call you now isn't it?

Optimus Prime: Indeed.

Twilight Sparkle:

Megatron: This is what you chose, Prime, when you defied me. All of this is your doing!

Optimus Prime: Megatron, stop!

Twilight Sparkle:

Megatron: I'll stop when all of you are dead!

Optimus Prime: This is meaningless. All we want is to leave!

Twilight Sparkle:

Megatron: Charge up the Warp Cannon! Wipe their precious Ark off the face of Cybertron.

Decepticon: Yes, sir.

Megatron: No one leaves without my permission!

Optimus Prime: I wasn't asking.

Twilight Sparkle:

Megatron: Always defiant to the end, aren't you Prime and Sparkle? At every turn you have thwarted my efforts to save this planet, to return it to its former glory. [As he is talking, no one notices Metroplex rising outside] No more! This day it all ends Prime and Sparkle! Once and for all!


Soundwave: Megatron, look out!

Megatron: Stop running you fools. Stand and fight.


Metroplex brings his fist down on Megatron thrice, killing him]

Optimus Prime: Leave. NOW.

Twilight Sparkle:

Starscream: Decepticons, Megatron has perished, betrayed by his foolish pride! I, Starscream, am your leader now! Decepticons, return to base!

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