This is how Metroplex Heeds the Call goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoever you are, I can feel your presence through my magic and the Matrix. We ask... No. Wait. We ORDER you. Help us in this time of need.


Metroplex: Metroplex heeds the call of the new Prime, the last Prime and the Princess of Friendship.

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight? You heard that? I am a real Prime like Optimus.

Twilight Sparkle: Stop saying that.

Ryan F-Freeman: A Prime-prince of Friendship? I got that one on me. Why you don't want me saying that?

Metroplex: Awaiting your orders.

Ryan F-Freeman: Metroplex? You must smash the Decepticon warp cannons on the outskirts of the city.

Matau T. Monkey: [in COMM] Master Ryan?! What is that big bot!?

Ryan F-Freeman: Easy, Matau. He's one of us.

Starscream: Megatron and Ryvine, look what Tirek and I found.

Megatron: Optimus Prime, Prince Ryan F-Freeman Prime and Princess Twilight Sparkle. That is what they call you now isn't it.

Ryan F-Freeman: Megatron.

Starscream: Funny, isn't it? How Tirek and I defeated the three adversaries you couldn't.

Tirek: You helped me to get Princess Twilight's magic. I will drain yours.

Megatron: Silence! [blasts Starscream and Tirek]

Ryvine Sparkle: And Ryvine. I would know that Twilight is NOT a Prime, Ryan.

Megatron: This is what you chose Prime when you defied us! All of this is your doing!

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight is a Prime like me, Megatron! And I will help her become a hero. Let us go before I destroy you.

Megatron: I'll stop when ALL of you are dead.

Ryan F-Freeman: NO!!!

Twilight Sparkle: Let Ryan go!

Ryan F-Freeman: I am a PRIME!!! Let Twilight and Optimus go! Take me instead!

Optimus Prime: And forget about Twilight or OpThomas!

Megatron: I will never EVER forget Twilight! EVER!

Ryvine Sparkle: Give Megatron the purple pony and he'll spare your lives. Be glad Megatron's mercyful. Unlike the Heartless. So. Which will it be? The purple winged unicorn? Or Megatron's cannon!

Ryan F-Freeman: We got a choice?

Twilight Sparkle: Yep. Megatron. We will never give me to you.

Ryan F-Freeman: Get OpThomas Prime, Megatron! He is the one you want! Twilight wears the Autobot insignea with pride!

Megatron: There is no pride to be had in that, Ryan Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks. You think Twilight is going to join you? I am a Prime. And are these 2 friends of mine.

Megatron: [to Decepticon] Charge up the Warp Cannon. Wipe their precious Ark off the face of Cybertron.

Decepticon: Yes, sir.

Megatron: No one leaves without our permission.

Optimus Prime: We weren't asking.

Twilight Sparkle: We aren't? We are leaving and that's final!

Ryan F-Freeman: We just brought a little friend.

Megatron: Always defiant to the end aren't you Prime. At every turn you have thwarted our efforts to save this planet to return it to its former glory.

Ryvine Sparkle: And when Mal disband the Mixle Dramas, everything Odette's dad owns, everything Odette's dad loves will belong to Rothbart. My friend.

[As they are talking, Metroplex gets up]

Megatron: No more! This day it all ends Prime! Once and for all!

Ryvine Sparkle: You will never be a Prime, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Ryan is a real Prime and you're not!

[Ryan blinks his eye to order Metroplex]

Soundwave: Megatron, Ryvine, look out!

[Metroplex rips the roof of the building]

Megatron: Stop running, you fools! Stand and fight!

Ryvine Sparkle: Let me fight him! If that giant crushes us, so be it!

[Megatron and Ryvine fire at Metroplex, who slams fist on them four times, killing them]

Optimus Prime: Leave. NOW.

Twilight Sparkle: Or Metroplex will crush you.

Ryan F-Freeman: You Cons better leave or Metroplex will flick your behinds into next week. I mean it!

[Starscream and Tirek look at Ryvine and Megatron's corpses]

Starscream: Decepticons, Megatron and Ryvine have fallen. Betrayed by their foolish pride. Tirek and I, Starscream, are your leaders now! Decepticons, return to base!

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. You run! And don't you dare come back!

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