With Chris as his prisoner, Eggman and Bowser goes out to meet Lucky who has found the final Chaos Emerald. However, Eggman comes under attack by Sonic and the Autobots. Lucky gives the seventh Chaos Emerald to Sonic, Shadow, and the Rangers. Unwilling to be pushed around, Eggman and Bowser transforms the Egg Fort 2 into Serpenterra Mark II. Sonic can outrun it easily, but then Eggman powers it up with a small amount of power from each of his six Chaos Emeralds (Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple and Red). The government robots are destroyed, and Sonic starts to get pulverized by the super fast robot. However, the Eggsterminator starts to take in too much power from the Emeralds and starts going out of control, while still pummeling Sonic. All bruised and beaten up, Sonic is finally thrown into the sea. Chris, unable to bear the sight, breaks free of his restraints and grabs the Chaos Emeralds, jumping out the window. He is caught by Rouge, but the Chaos Emeralds fall into the sea. Chaos Control suddenly builds, as the six Chaos Emeralds dropped by Chris join with the seventh one still in Sonic's and the Rangers hand. The Rangers find the location of the New Mega Vehicles - five powerful space crafts which combine to form the Mega Voyager Mark II, and gain control of them with Zordon's key cards. Sonic and Shadow emerges as Super Sonic and Super Shadow, with the Mega Voyager Mark II powered-up and destroys Serpenterra Mark II, sending it back to the Koopa Castle. Sonic then heals the wounded Chris in a white void, and they get the Chaos Emeralds locked up in the Power Chamber. While Zordon, Dulcea, Lerigot, Ninjor, and Alpha congradutes him for their great duty they made, but Bowser was angry for what happened to the Serpenterra and swears revenge. As for Mewtwo, Karone, Vader, Good Fairy, Boba, Sonic and his friends they're teleported to KO-35, (Andros, Karone and Zhane's Homeworld)