Benny Leo Johnny HouseOfVillains
Mickey's House of Villains (A LionKingHeart Fantasy Films Crossover) is a new Halloween movie made by LionKingRulezAgain, LionheartCaptain, and FantasyFilms2011. It appeared on YouTube in October of 2010.


Leo, Benny, and Johnny have gone to the House of Mouse in ToonTown. However, the villains, lead by Jafar, have taken the nightclub from them. Now, it's up to the three movie directors and Mickey to save the House of Mouse and ToonTown.


  • FantasyFilms2011 voices not only Benny the Beast, but also Mickey Mouse.
  • King Sethrophe, one of Benny's many characters, makes an appearance towards the end.
  • The G. E. Predators Battle Boss theme is played for the duration the King Sethrophe appearance.
  • Donald makes an attempt to scare Benny, Leo and Johnny. They respond in their own "words" that makes him run like the wind in the opposite direction.
  • The theme to Beetlejuice, the cartoon series By Danny Elfman, is played during the battle.
  • Rae does not appear in this, as this crossover was made before Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures premiered.