is the first officer, engineer, and pilot of the Rockhopper's crew.


Midgel landed his spot on the crew after an early mishap at the Academy, during of which, he successfully constructed a deep-space emergency beacon from a karaoke machine, parts from a build it yourself theremin and a battery constructed from two large lemons, a penny, and a paper-clip.


His job might seem like a lot of work for one man...I mean penguin, but Midgel manages to hold it all together. Midgel is short for his age, being only a tad bigger than both Jason & Michelle, but that doesn't keep his spirit down. He is always serious about his job on the crew, resulting in him being a little annoyed with Zidgel. But since he understands the fact that Kevin has a bit of ingorance, which keeps him calm with him.

Midgel shows an amount of friendship for Jason, for they both think things that are similar. He also has a chance of really clicking with Fidgel, for both of them are extremely smart...even if Midgel is not a genius like Fidgel.

Physical Appearance

Midgel is a short Adelie Penguin.

Fun Facts

  • If you change the "L" to a "T", Midgel's name becomes "Midget."
  • According to an older version of the Big Idea website, if he wasn't on a spaceship crew, he would be on a pit stop crew, a cruise liner, or slinging onions and pickles onto sandwiches.


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