This is how Midnight's Chaos goes in The Return of Harmony Part 1

[We see Rainbow Dash and Arcee chasing something]

Rainbow Dash: Come back here, you!

Arcee: I'm right behind ya, Dash!

[The object they are chasing is a cotton candy cloud which Rainbow grabs]

Rainbow Dash: Gotcha! Eww, what is this? Cotton candy?

Arcee: Who knows?

[It starts to rain chocolate milk]

Rainbow Dash: Wait a second! It's not supposed to rain until tomorrow. You can't just–

Arcee: Are you telling me...

[The rain gets harder]

Rainbow Dash: You did. [sees the cloud is gone] Hey, I didn't tell you to go anywhere!

Arcee: [face-servos]

[Applejack comes over]

Applejack: Rainbow Dash, what's going on with this rain? I mean chocolate milk? I mean chocolate milk rain?!

Bulkhead: Yeah, what's with the rain, Cee.

Rainbow Dash: There's crazy weather all over Equestria! Cloudsdale is getting soaked by a major cola storm right now! But don't worry. I'm not leaving you until I get control of Ponyville!

Arcee: Yeah.

[They race off]

Pinkie Pie: Why would you wanna stop this? [slurp]

Smokescreen: Pinkster, why are you acting like this?

[Rarity and Bumblebee arrive]

Rarity: Ahem. I heard about your troubles, Applejack, and I came to see if there's anything I can do without getting wet. Or dirty. Or out from under my umbrella.

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Or from my vehicle mode.)

[Bulkhead and Applejack groan]

Applejack: Fluttershy! Do something!

Bulkhead: Ratchet!

Fluttershy: Now, Angel, you really shouldn't– No! It's not possible! I must be seeing things!

Ratchet: Fluttershy, please!

[Twilight and Optimus arrive]

Twilight Sparkle: Don't worry, everyone. I've learned a new spell that'll fix everything.

Optimus Prime: Come on, Autobots. Pull yourselves together.

[Twilight gasps]

Twilight Sparkle: My fail-safe spell... failed. What do we do?

Optimus Prime: I may be wise but even I don't know the answer.

Spike: Uh, give up?

[They look at each other]

Rarity: Spike, Twilight and Optimus will come up with something.

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: They always do.)

[Twilight thinks]

Twilight Sparkle: Hmm, time for plan B. Rainbow, can you corral all those clouds in one corner of the sky?

Optimus Prime: Arcee, try to round up as many clouds as you can.

[They nod and race off]

Twilight Sparkle: Applejack, I need you to bring those high-strung storm clouds down to Earth.

Optimus Prime: Bulkhead, be careful. We don't want cotten candy getting everywhere.

[The rain stops]

Pinkie Pie: Hey, what happened?

Smokescreen: See, Pinkster? Sometimes you need to take a break.

[They get to work]

Fluttershy: Oh dear. I hope none of the animals see these delicious chocolate-filled cotton candy clouds. I'd hate to have to share them.

Ratchet: Fluttershy!

Pinkie Pie: You and me both, sister!

Smokescreen: Pinkster!

[He kicks her]

Pinkie Pie: Hey!

Smokescreen: Then snap out of it!

Applejack: And when y'all are done with that, feel free to have some popcorn for dessert.

Bulkhead: You said it, AJ.

Twilight Sparkle: You see, Spike? You should never give up. There's nothing we can't overcome if we all work together.

Optimus Prime: And even Autobots have the strength to pull through the toughest challenges.

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