Midnight Bandicoot is the Midnight Sparkle akumatized villain of Crash Bandicoot (EG).


Midnight Bandicoot was created when Crash Bandicoot (EG) gets angry at Megatron lost to Bertram to become Sunset's bodyguard. Hawk Moth and Ryan Repulsa senses his anger and sends an Akuma to akumatize the CPA student into become Hawk Moth's partner's follower.


Midnight Bandicoot looks like


Midnight Bandicoot's powers are like Midnight Sparkle's and Nemesis Prime



  • [] Yes, Ryan. And for my friend Midnight Sparkle, she will understand all the magic with me.
  • My name is not Crow-boy! It's Midnight Bandicoot!
  • Your brother Crash Bandicoot is no more, Derek. Now that I have
  • I will understand magic, Ladyan!
  • Why not? There's a whole other world out there! And it's just filled with magic!
  • [] So what, Galvatron? There's more magic there. Plus, Midnight and I WANT TO UNDERSTAND IT ALL!!!!!!!!