This is how Midnight captures Robotgirl goes in The Rise of Protogirl.

[We see Robotgirl alone in the woods with a butterfly on her figure]

[Robotgirl is strapped to a table]

Robotgirl: Hello? Robotboy?

[Robotgirl sees Midnight, back in his Predalien form]

Robotgirl: Who you?

[Midnight uses his laser eyes at Robotgirl, shutting her systems down. Midnight then leans over to Robotgirl's face and opens her mouth and starts sucking her energy out from her mouth. Hours later, Midnight uses his laser eyes to reprogram Robotgirl and unstraps her from the table.]

Robotgirl: Ow.

[Midnight uses his laser eyes to reprogram Robotgirl and her eyes turn red.]

Robotgirl: Robotgirl destory brothers.

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